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Do not feed the Pigeons Bills Pest Termite ControlLooking for bird proofing solar panels cost in Phoenix Az? Got birds or pigeons living on your roof? We can help! Get expert help today from Arizona’s Pest Bird Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control. We’ve been providing Pest Bird Solutions and Pigeon removal services for over three generations. Affordable Solar Panel Bird Proofing & Pigeon Removal services.

If your structure is being taken over by birds call us today.  We provide free estimates, evaluations, inspections and second opinions.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Most services include a renewable warranty, so our customers find peace of mind knowing that if the pest birds come back, we come back!

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We can put you on the road to being pest bird free.

Solar panels are being installed on commercial and residential roofs across Phoenix at an ever-increasing rate. We average several solar panel Pigeon proofing calls daily. These arrays provide perfect harborage for birds, and homeowners are desperate for a solution.

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Solar panel proofing systems are designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from their damage. This non-penetrating system, when properly installed will provide years of relief from nesting pest birds. Pigeon Pest Control Phoenix Az.

Bird proofing solar panels cost does not have to be expensive.  In fact, when compared to other options bird proofing solar panels cost can be considered a bargain.  Consider that properly installed bird proofing can provide years of hassle-free deterrent to nesting birds this option is a no-brainer.

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Nesting birds will damage solar panels, wiring and the roof itself when ignored.  The efficiency of solar units will be diminished by damage and bird droppings that obstruct solar cells.  The bird proofing solar panels cost for one job that can last for 5-15 years can be recouped in as little as one month from the savings of increased panel efficiency and minimized damage.

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In the Phoenix area the average proofing solar panels cost runs between $8-$12 per linear foot.  Difficult to access areas can increase the average cost.  Linear footage is usually determined by measuring along the outside edges of the solar panels.

Most homes in the Phoenix area run between $800-$1200.  Please note these prices are for using quality coated mesh that is designed to withstand the brutal Arizona Sun and our monsoon season.  Coated mesh does not rust and is removable for servicing solar panels.  Quality coated mesh usually includes a 5-year warranty.

Installed properly a proofing system is an unbeatable bird pest control solution.  Improperly installed systems will make a bad problem worse.  In fact, an improperly installed system will create conditions conducive to nesting birds.

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Pest Control trained techniciansOur Phoenix office receives as many calls from consumers who have paid for other companies to install systems that are not working as we do for new installations. In short consumers should exercise caution when seeking bird proofing solar panels cost.  The lowest price is rarely the best deal in controlling pest birds.

For more information about bird proofing solar panels cost give us a call today.  We are happy to provide free evaluations and second opinions.  Let our experience and expertise help you make the right choice. Pigeon Control Methods Phoenix Az.

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Bird Proofing Solar Panels Cost Phoenix Az
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Hired Bill's Pest Control to resolve an issue with Pigeons nesting on our roof. The service is still working 3 years later.