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Be Aware of These 6 Signs of Rodent Infestation [INFOGRAPHIC]

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A rodent infestation in your home or business is not a matter to take lightly. Some people consider rodents to be cute, low maintenance pets. The truth is that rodent infestation can take on a who new reality when these unwelcome invaders take over your office or home.

Rodents are known to cause property damage, carry fleas, ticks and lice, contaminate food supplies, and spread disease.

Rodents breed quickly, and their young can be born in as little as 20 days after mating. With rodents, any time of the year can be mating season. A female mouse can produce up to 10 litters in a year, and each of those young can reproduce just two months after birth.

Add up the possibilities and it’s not hard to imagine how mice could overflow a compound in a year’s time. As such, rodent infestations can be nearly impossible to exterminate if not caught early and handled by experts.

The following signs are sure indicators there’s a rodent problem. If you spot any of them, there’s a strong likelihood that damage is already under way.

infographic-134 Be Aware of these 6 Signs of Rodent Infestation

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