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Termite Treatment quoteArizona Termite Pictures Phoenix Az – Looking for Termite Pictures? Arizona is home to several species of termites.  In the Metro Phoenix area the most common termite found around homes is our Desert Termite.

Desert subterranean termites prefer to forage in shaded soil or areas made wet by irrigation.  They will readily construct mud shelter tubes up, over or around solid objects in order to reach a timber food source. These mud-tubes are slender, solidly built and pale yellow to tan in color.  A mature colony of Desert subterranean termites may contain 200,000 – 400,000 termites, including a large number of secondary reproductives (queens) that can readily break off from the primary colony to form separate colonies.

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Arizona TermitesDesert subterranean termites commonly have a foraging territory of up to almost an acre.  Desert Termites are usually found on wood fences, tree trunks and appear more active after recent rain and/or introduction of moisture to their habitat.  Typically the feed on tree roots below grade level.  Treatment methods for Desert Termites when they invade a structure is the same as our native subterranean species.

“Arizona termites come in all sizes, shapes and colors!”

Our native species subterranean termite is the most common termite that infests homes in Metro Phoenix.  Native subterranean termites thrive in the urban areas of Phoenix.  They build large colonies, and because their nests are underground they are often hard to detect. From their underground nests, tunnels radiate out in all directions, through which these subterranean termites forage for sources of wood.

Subterranean Termites

Glendale TermitesNative subterranean termites are pale or whitish in color (perhaps an adaptation for living underground with no light); hence are often called white ants.  Signs of subterranean termites are usually found on the outside stem wall in the form of a shelter tube(s) built from the soil up to the top of the stem wall.  These shelter tubes are usually located on the outside wall that gets the least amount of direct sun and has soil with a higher moisture content.  Shelter tubes appear coming out of the expansion joints constructed up to the top of the stem wall as in the picture to the right.  Darker colored termite tubes are an indication of higher moisture content meaning the infestation is new.  Older tubes appear lighter in color as the soil drys out.

Best Protection = Yearly Termite Inspection

termite picturesHomeowners should view their outside stem wall and inside garage expansion joints on a regular basis for signs of termite infestation.  Termite shelter tubes can be constructed practically overnight.  Often no signs of termite infestation will be visible in these areas so it is important to inspect the interior of your home for signs of Arizona termite infestation.  Signs of termite infestation to the interior of your home are usually found on the inside of exterior walls or interior walls near plumbing voids and stress cracks.  Damage to wood baseboards that seems to follow the grains of the wood as in the picture to the left.  Small pin-holes in drywall, tubes coming out of baseboards and up walls, or tubes hanging from the ceiling are more common signs of termite activity found on the interior of homes.   Because Arizona subterranean termites need to build shelter tubes to access food sources from their nest it’s important to check suspect areas for signs of the tube(s) or soil.

Crawl space homes provide easy access for subterranean termites to infest a home.  Regular inspections of the crawl space from a termite control specialist will help detect infestations before severe damage occurs.

Trusted Arizona Exterminator

termite picsBills Pest Termite Control has been a trusted name in Arizona exterminating for nearly three decades.  We are familiar with all types of termites found in Arizona and specialize termite control.  If you suspect termites or have them…call for a free termite inspection.  Our trained inspectors can quickly identify the invading species…locate areas of infestation and provide a free quote for termite control.

For faster identification email your termite pictures or the area of infestation to [email protected].  One of our trained experts may be able to make a proper identification. For more information about termite pictures or to order a free inspection give us a call.

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Arizona Termite Pictures Phoenix Az
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