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Finding the right termite control Scottsdale service should involve more than making a random choice.  Everyday 100s of homes secretly come under attack from one of 17 different types of Arizona termites.  Many of these infestations will go undetected for months, years or decades.  Most homeowners are aware of the threat but give little thought until they discover the resulting damage.

Termites in Scottsdale come in all sizes, shapes, colors and types.  Each species has unique habits and require different methods to eradicate.  Scottsdale termites can invade from underground, above ground, via flight and/or be unknowingly brought into a home hidden within infested items.

“The threat from termites in Scottsdale Arizona is real and should not be minimized.”

The best protection against these wood eating monsters is to find a good termite control Scottsdale exterminator with the experience and knowledge to detect all types of these critters.  Not all termites build the tell-tale mud tunnels often seen along a stem wall.  In fact the most destructive species found in North America does not build mud tunnels nor will it nest in the soil.  Paying hundreds of dollars to have an exterminator inject harsh chemicals into the soil around your home will only serve to needlessly expose your household to harsh chemicals while having no impact on above ground termites.

Finding an experienced Scottsdale termite exterminator is essential to protecting and/or ridding your home of these pests.

Getting a yearly inspection from an experienced professional is the best idea when it comes to protecting your home.  Paying for preventative type treatments is generally a waste of money and can leave a consumer with a false sense of security.  If no evidence of infestation is observed a good inspector will point out conditions around your home that are conducive to future infestation.  Correcting these conditions is time and money well spent.  Often it’s enough to keep the critters away for years.

If you have termites a professional exterminator can properly identify the invading species and prescribe a custom solution based upon the invading species, areas of infestation, construction style of home, surrounding environment and health considerations.  Unfortunately effective eradication is not cookie-cutter one treatment works for every home and type of termites.

Even after getting a good treatment it’s important that consumers have yearly inspections to ensure the service is effective and that another species has not invaded.  It’s not uncommon in Scottsdale for more than one type of termites to invade the same home.

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