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Bed Bug Pest Control Surprise Az | Surprise Bed Bug Treatment

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Bed Bug Pest Control Surprise Az | Surprise Bed Bug Treatment  – Bed bug populations across the United States are without a doubt on the rise. Hardly an evening goes by without a television report concerning these insects airing somewhere. Unfortunately Surprise Arizona has not been able to avoid this epidemic. Calls for Surprise bed bug control exterminators have already matched last year’s total. Even more frightening when you consider last year was an all-time record for service requests. #1 Bed Bug Treatment Surprise Az.

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and most infestations start with one or two insects that are unknowingly transported into a structure. When the infestation starts out or stays small it is rarely detected.

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Bed bugs can multiply fast seemingly overnight. Once established inside a structure they will be nesting in almost ideal conditions – no parasites, no predators to limit their development, a constant temperature close to the optimum for a high reproductive rate, and ample food supply (experience with large infestations shows that just one human host can provide sufficient food for many thousands of Bed Bug adults and nymphs). This almost always leads to an exponential growth of the infestation which, if not controlled, may reach many thousands of insects within a few months.

As the population grows the infestation typically spreads with new hatchings seeking out other human targets in other areas. Bed Bugs prefer to spend most of their time hidden in tiny crevices close to the host’s resting area but, as the growing population fills these primary harborages, less optimum hiding places further from the host are colonized. Eventually, the infestation may expand to adjacent rooms, apartments, and even conjoined structures.

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Surprise Arizona bed bug expert exterminators will advise the best preventive solution to the potential for infestation is to detect the critters before they have had a chance to develop into a large problem. If an infestation is detected while the population is small and somewhat contained the remedial treatment is less disruptive, less costly, and has an improved chance to rapidly achieve total eradication. Many infestations can be eliminated and/or controlled with just one treatment. Follow up inspections are recommended for all infestations.

Before considering any pest service for bed bugs it’s best to start with a complete bed bug inspection and evaluation from a Surprise Arizona bed bug expert. Consumers should be aware that not all mysterious bites are caused by bed bugs. Arizona is home to a host of other insects that appear similar to bed bugs. We often receive calls for service only to discover the nuisance pest is something other than bed bugs.

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Their size, habits, and the very close association with personal human belongings, makes them a difficult pest to find. Successful inspection requires the specific training and experience of a Surprise Arizona bed bug expert. Given the nocturnal nature of these insects and that most inspections are done during the day when these critters are hidden within their nesting areas it’s important that the inspector be familiar with the subtle signs of infestation.

Getting rid of these micro-sized blood-sucking insects does not have to be difficult nor expensive. However total elimination and providing long term relief is not your typical do-it-yourself project. Spraying harsh pesticides haphazardly can make the problem worse while needlessly exposing a household to strong chemicals.

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Pest Control trained techniciansBills Pest Control is your hometown Surprise exterminator. We provide an array of bed bug treatment methods designed to provide both immediate and long term relief. Most infestations can be eliminated and/or controlled with one service. Treatment methods can range from traditional sprays with effective or natural products to chemical-free heat and cold treatments. Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the insects come back…we come back.

For more information about bed bug pest control Surprise Az services or to schedule a FREE EVALUATION give us a call today. Bed Bug Control Surprise.

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Casey M via NextDoor

Mike and the crew from Bill’s Pest Control arrived on time and did a great job fumigating the bugs.  It’s been two months since the service and we have not seen a bug.

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