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Pest Control Chandler Az | Chandler Pest Control Service Exterminator – Get rid of the insects today with affordable Pest Control Chandler Az exterminator services from the experts.  Bills Pest Termite Control is family owned and locally operated.  We provide safe, effective, and affordable services.

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“We live busy lives and often miss the subtle signs of an impending insect invasion.” 

Every day our office(s) receive calls from frantic homeowners that discover bugs crawling across a countertop or the floor.  Busy lives seem to distract homeowners from the signs of an impending insect invasion.  Right after the shock of finding the critters will come the desire to fight or flight.  Killing bugs is not that difficult…getting rid of the critters and keeping them away usually requires a professional pest control Chandler Az service.

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Arizona is home to at least 11,000 different types of insects.  Most prefer to nest away from areas that humans inhabit.  However, the need for the basics like moisture (water), nesting areas (shelter), and food sources often bring them into direct contact with people.  Opportunities for all three basics are scattered around our homes making ideal nesting areas just outside our doorway(s).

When an abundance of these opportunities exist it’s just a matter of time before insect populations increase and the need for more food sources draws them inside our homes.  As outside insect populations grow they attract the predator type insects…the biters, and stingers.  Many of us know the biters and stingers like scorpions, spiders, and aggressive ants, etc.

Having a few insects outside and the occasional invader is one thing.   Predator type insects in and around your home can change an annoyance to dangerous in no time. Hiring the right pest control Chandler Az exterminator can keep an infestation from getting out of hand.

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Chandler Pest ServiceTo many of those outside the industry, good pest control consists of finding the strongest pesticide available and spraying it anywhere and everywhere around our home.  The more, the better.  If we don’t have the desire or time to do it…we simply shop for a good price and hire out the job.  Most pest control Chandler Az exterminators love to find clients with that mindset as it is great for creating a re-occurring business.

Spraying pesticides indiscriminately around a home is not difficult and usually results in a lot of dead bugs.  Experienced exterminators know that the customer will be happy to see all the dead critters and that they will be receiving another call for service every month or so when nesting insects kick into a reproductive mode to replace lost workers/foragers.

While this method is great for the bottom line of exterminators it can be a waste of money for the consumer and needlessly expose their household to harsh chemicals.  Effective Chandler pest control services should include more than just spraying pesticides.

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Chandler Pest ExterminatorA good Chandler exterminator will start any service with a thorough inspection both inside and outside.  Target insects will be identified, along with entry points to your home and conditions conducive to nesting.  Proper identification will allow the experienced exterminator to select the right combination of spray(s) and baits specific to each species.  Sealing entry points and correcting conditions conducive require no pesticides and provide long term protection.  Using the right combination of these steps will decrease the need for large amounts of pesticides and reduce the risk of exposure.

Bills Chandler pest control is your hometown exterminator providing safe, effective services for your home or business at affordable rates.  For more information about pest control, Chandler Az services give us a call.

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    5 star review  Bill's Pest and Termite Control is awesome! I'm finalizing a VA refinance and the lender informed me on short notice that I had to arrange for a termite inspection using a specific form. Bridget from Bill's was able to come out the next day, they were familiar with the form the VA needed. They are certified, prompt, friendly and reasonably-priced. Thankfully no termites were found but Bridget was able to show me where the prior owner had done treatment and tell me how thorough it was. If I ever need treatment this is who I'll call for certain!

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