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Free Termite Inspection Phoenix, Az | #1 Phoenix Termite Inspector

Free Termite Inspection Phoenix Az

Free Termite Inspection Phoenix, Az | #1 Phoenix Termite Inspector – Need a termite inspection? Bill’s experienced termite inspectors can help today! Getting a Free termite inspection in Arizona is a wise idea. Most of the Phoenix area was once virgin desert or farmland with moderate termite pressure. Construction has created moisture sources, shelter from our Arizona heat, and food (the wood in your home). As a result, termite populations in the Phoenix metropolitan area are exploding.  Termite Control. #1 Exterminator – Free Termite Inspection Phoenix.

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“There are two types of homes in Arizona…those with termites…and those that are going to get termites!”

As the homes in Arizona age…the initial protective barrier(s) or pre-treatments are wearing out…no longer fending off the hordes of termites waiting to feast on your home or business.

Bills Pest Termite Control recommends that every home in the Phoenix Arizona area should be inspected at least once a year for termites. Order your FREE TERMITE INSPECTION today.

If you have, or suspect termites don’t ignore the problem it will only get worse.  Get a termite inspection today and stop the problem before it gets out of hand.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back to living in a pest-free home.

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The best protection against Arizona termites is a yearly inspection. The inspection is always free and can alert consumers to an existing infestation and/or conditions conducive to a future problem.  Preventative treatments can be a waste of money and leave a false sense of security.  Every home in the Phoenix area should be inspected at least once a year.

If you have a problem with these critters the first step is to get a thorough inspection from a professional exterminator.  They can properly identify the invading species and determine if, and what type of service will be required to eradicate.

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Termites are destructive, causing major structural damage to homes and commercial buildings across the United States. Yearly estimates of damage run into the billions of dollars. Thousands of homeowners throughout the Metro Phoenix area are unaware that termites are infesting their home.

Don’t let termites destroy your home…order your termite inspection today! #1 Termite Inspectors Phoenix Az. Inspections can be ordered by completing the form below, or by TEXTING 602.786.7386 24/7/365.

Free Termite Inspection Phoenix Az 602.308.4510

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Free Termite Inspection
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Reggie M via Yahoo

I’ve been using Bill’s Pest & Termite for the last 20 years. They come out monthly for the regular bugs and I get the free yearly termite inspection. It’s free and puts my mind at ease not having to worry about termites destroying my home. The free yearly termite inspection is a must have for any homeowner in Arizona.

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