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Bed Bug Pest ControlBest Bed Bug Inspection Chandler Az – Calls for bed bug control services in Chandler Arizona are without a doubt on the increase.  And with good reason the ‘brown plague” that hit the shores of New York City with a vengeance five years ago is just now being felt in the heartland.  Calls for bed bug inspection Chandler Az services have increased two fold just within the last two years and there is no evidence the demand will not continue.

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Twenty years ago calls for bed bug extermination services were virtually non-existent.  In fact only a few area exterminators had the experience and equipment to deal with the critters.  Bills Pest Termite Control was one of those exterminators and we would see 2-6 calls per year.  Today that number has increased to 2-6 per day.

“Increased international travel and the influx of immigrants are thought to be a factor in the increase.”

Bed Bugs are excellent hitchhikers attaching themselves to luggage, clothing and shoes.  A female bed bug can start the day in the far east one morning and be laying her eggs that evening in Chandler Arizona.  That same female will lay nearly 200 eggs that will hatch in 1-3 weeks.  What starts out as one can become hundreds within a few months.

Unless the infestation is heavy…finding these critters can be a challenge even for an experienced Bed Bug inspector.  Often the inspections are done during daylight hours when the little monsters are hidden.  Hiding areas are often out of sight and reach (short of taking furniture apart).

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Professional bed bug inspection Chandler Az services have experienced exterminators that are in tune to likely nesting areas.  Additionally, trained exterminators are able to detect the subtle signs of infestation without actually seeing the pests.  The use of glue boards and pheromone traps can provide valuable clues.

Heat Treatment for Bed BugsBed bug eradication is not a do-it-yourself project for the average consumer.  In fact attempts by tenants and homeowners have resulted in making the problem worse.  Spraying harsh chemicals in and around areas people sleep can be dangerous.  Scientists have recently discovered that when they (bed bugs) come under attack with pesticides they release pheromones that alert nearby bed bugs resulting in a scatter effect.

Before considering any bed bug control methods it’s best to start with a complete and thorough inspection of the entire property.  Locating all areas of infestation, potential areas and taking notice of the environment are critical to selecting the best treatment option(s). 

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Treatment methods can include heat, cold, conventional applications, fumigation or a combination of options.  Each method has advantages depending upon the infestation and surrounding environment.  Regardless of the method follow up inspections and monitoring is important to guard against re-infestation.

For more information about bed bug inspection Chandler Az services or to schedule a free evaluation give us a call today.

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Thanks to the pro’s at Bill’s Pest Control for checking over our home for bed bugs.  We appreciate the peace of mind.

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Staff from Bill's Pest Control was professional, on time and the price was less than expected. Better yet the bugs are gone!