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Get bed bug help todayNeed Bed Bug Control? We can help! Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and experts at eliminating bed bugs from your home or business.

“Infestation refers to the state of being invaded or overrun by pests or parasites.  It can also refer to the actual organisms living on, within, or feeding on a host.”

Getting Bed Bugs is a nightmare.  Attempting to completely getting rid of them can also be a nightmare especially when harsh chemicals are involved.  Hiring a professional exterminator with bed bug control experience is critical to putting this nightmare to rest.

Often when these nasty critters are discovered the first step taken is to move to another area for sleep.  This results in the bed bugs migrating to the new location.  Both locations and the areas in between will need bed bug control in order to achieve complete eradication.

Bed Bugs are adaptable, they move much faster and travel greater distance than most people realize.  Bed Bugs are able to relocate from areas where pesticides have been applied in a short period of time.  Research has shown that many commonly used products for bed bug control are very slow acting, include ineffective active ingredients or active ingredients to which bed bugs are resistant, and/or have a strong repellent nature driving bed bugs away from treated areas.  Using products like diatomaceous earth and other “natural” remedies have proven largely ineffective on bed bugs.Kill Bed Bugs

Heat is an excellent treatment for bedding, clothing, soft goods and other items on which it is undesirable to apply pesticides.  During heat treatments, bed bugs scatter in search of cracks, crevices and other protected areas to avoid the high termperatures.  They often make their way into wall voids, door frames, furniture and other areas that are difficult to heat and/or maintain high temperatures.  The use of heat and targeted pesticide applications has proven to be a successful combination for bed bug control.

Even the best treatment method is worthless without proper preparation.  Running all beddings and clothing through a washer/dryer cycle is critical.  Vacuuming the areas and emptying the contents outside along with steam cleaning carpet are important steps in effective bed bug control.  Another overlooked step is moving and treating nearby furniture including areas underneath that make ideal nesting.

For more information about bed bug control services in the Phoenix metro area give us a call today.  We can dispatch one of our experts for a free inspection and evaluation. Call today, don’t delay the problem will not go away and will continue to get worse.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you back to sleeping in peace in a pest free home.

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Very Impressed with the service your bed bug division provided today.  Paul answered our call for help and had his crew out this morning to exterminate.  Service was fast and professional.  Thanks