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Verrado Termite Control – Get rid of the termites today with expert Verrado Termite Control services from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

If you have, and/or suspect termites call us today for a free inspection and evaluation.  We recommend that every home in Arizona be inspected at least once a year.  If your home has not been inspected call us today for a free inspection.  If we find the critters on your home we can provide a customized service designed to eliminate the problem immediately and provide long term protection against re-infestation.  Our experienced inspectors can point out conditions conducive to future infestation and offer suggestions on how to correct them.

Verrado’s name is derived from the Spanish word “verdad,” which means truth and authenticity. Termitas is the Spanish name for the number one threat to homes in Verrado. In fact the threat is so real that 3 out of every 10 homes we inspect has some evidence of termite activity.  The growing demand for Verrado termite control services is an indication of a serious problem to homeowners.

Verrado is a modern community reminiscent of a great American small town. The community features a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly Main Street, intimate neighborhoods with tree-shaded sidewalks, abundant educational opportunities and vast recreational amenities.  Hidden behind the small town American feeling is the threat of termite destruction.

“Hidden under the beautiful homes of Verrado is the threat of termites and repair costs that exceed all other threats to a home combined!”

Prior to the construction of Verrado in 2004 the area was virgin Sonoran desert with moderate termite pressure. New construction created additional moisture, shelter and food sources making conditions conducive to Arizona termites. The demand for Verrado termite control increases every year as homes begin to age and protection barriers put down during new construction wear out.

Everyday more unsuspecting homeowners have their homes come under attack by termites. Often these infestations are not discovered until hidden damage becomes visible. Undetected termites can damage a structure and diminish its resale value. The best defense against termites in Verrado is to have a yearly termite inspection by an experienced inspector familiar with all types of Verrado termites.

Not all termites in Arizona are the same, nor are the methods used to control infestations. Getting a treatment for desert termites does little to protect a home against Western Drywood termites. So getting a preventative treatment is like rolling the dice and hoping the service will protect against infestation from one of the seventeen species of Verrado termites.

If your home has, or you suspect termites…the first step is to get an experienced exterminator to inspect. An experience termite inspector should be able to detect the presence of termites and quickly identify the infesting species. Most inspectors will provide a detailed diagram of your home listing infestation areas, along with conditions conducive to infestation. If treatment is necessary, the inspector can prescribe a custom treatment for your home based upon the type of termite(s), construction type of your home, and surrounding environment.

No matter whom you have service your home, it’s important to maintain the warranty in the event of re-infestation and to have your home inspected yearly by an experienced termite exterminator.

Bill’s Verrado Termite Control has been a trusted name in Arizona exterminating for nearly three decades. We provide free yearly termite inspections and quotes for Verrado termite control. We know Verrado termites. If you have a problem with these wood eating insects call a professional immediately.  Do not ignore the problem it will not go away.  What you cannot see hidden behind your walls is hundreds to thousands of micro sized wood eating insects destroying your home.

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