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“Three out of every 10 homes in Tolleson this year will come under attack from Arizona’s state insect TERMITES.”

Termites are seemingly everywhere in the west valley.  It’s often quoted “That it’s not if, rather it’s when will your home get termites.” Given the cryptic nature of these insects infestations can go undetected for months, years or even decades.  Often the first inkling of a problem is when a consumer discovers mysterious damage in multiple areas of their home.  In fact as you read this many homeowners in Tolleson are unaware that their home is under attack.

The best defense against these intruders is a yearly inspection from a professional termite exterminator.  A professional termite inspector can locate an infestation and point out areas around your home that are inviting to these insects.  Often correcting conditions that are conducive to future infestation is enough to keep the termites away for extended periods.  Bills Tolleson Termite Control provides free yearly inspections.  Call us today 602.308.4510.

Termite InspectionsBills Tolleson Termite Control service provides safe effective termite control services for your home or business at affordable rates.

Tolleson is located in the Sonoran Desert and home to 17 species of termites. Recent construction in desert areas around Waddell has created new moisture, shelter and food sources for Arizona termites. Once moderate termite pressure in Tolleson is booming and the demand for Tolleson Termite Control services has never been greater.

Many homeowners in Tolleson are unaware that their home may be under attack by termites. It takes a trained and experience termite inspector to detect the presence of Arizona termites. Every home in Tolleson should be inspected at least once a year for termites. Bill’s Tolleson Termite Control service provides free yearly termite inspections. Without regular termite inspections a homeowner can have a hidden termite infestation and subsequent damage go undetective for years. Undetected termite damage can result in thousands of dollars in repair and depreciate the resale value of a home.

Not all Tolleson exterminators are the same. Most termite inspectors are only familiar with the more common subterranean termite species and often miss evidence of termite infestations from less common Arizona termites. A costly mistake for a Tolleson homeowner.

In the last ten years as more exterminators began offering termite services…competition has re-defined treatment methods for many termite companies. Spot, no-drill and selective treatments at bargain basement pricing has become the norm for many Tolleson area exterminators.

Signs of termitesEffective and long term control of Arizona termites requires establishing a continuous barrier around your home and using a good product that ensures years of protection. Arizona termites like most desert insects, need food, shelter from the sun and moisture. Slabs abutting your home provide that shelter and moisture and are in close proximity to their food source (your home). It’s critical that areas under these slabs be properly treated to eliminate present and future termite infestations, while providing years of future protection.

Termites are foragers…spot or selective area treatments only offer temporary control.

Bills Termite control has tested many termiticides over the last couple of decades. We only use the safest and most effective products that will eliminate your termite infestation and offer years of protection without endangering your family or pets.

Bills Termite Control has been a trusted name in Arizona for over three generations. We will only offer the termite services needed…without any up-selling or hidden fees. Our termite services are guaranteed…so if your termites come back…we come back.

If you have termites…or suspect you might have ‘em…call us today for a free inspection. If we find termites our inspector will provide you with a detailed diagram listing the area(s) of infestation, along with a quote for treatment. Our treatments are designed to protect your entire home and provide long term protection against re-infestation.  Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the termites come back, we come back.

Bills Tolleson Termite Control service is your hometown termite exterminator. We know Tolleson termites! For more information about exterminator services give us a call today.

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