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Tick Removal in Phoenix Az

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Tick Removal Phoenix Az – Want to get rid of ticks? We can help! Bills Pest Control provides safe, effective and affordable Tick Removal Phoenix Az services. Let us help you get back on the road to living in a pest-free home. Family owned and locally operated we have the expertise to eradicate ticks from your home. #1 Phoenix Tick Exterminator.

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tick exterminatorGetting Ticks is easy. Getting rid of them can be a challenge. Eradicating these critters is a job usually reserved for a professional exterminator. Most do-it-yourself attempts end in a call to a professional exterminator. Save yourself the hassle and call Bills Pest Control. Our Tick Removal Phoenix Az services are designed to quickly eliminate the problem and provide protection against re-infestation.

Does the threat of attack make you think twice before you go in your back yard? Do not ignore a problem with ticks. They are more than a nuisance pest. Ticks are a threat to the health and safety of your household and pets. These insects carry an assortment of diseases including Lyme disease. It’s just a matter of time before “outside ticks” begin entering a home in search of a blood meal. The time to call for professional Tick Removal Phoenix Az services is when you first suspect a problem. Catching an infestation early can save a lot of stress.

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When an infestation is first discovered most of us want to find the strongest “bug killing juice” available and hose the suckers down. While somewhat effective this method usually only provides short term relief. Eventually, the problem comes back and in greater numbers. Re-spraying will yield the same results. Calling a professional exterminator is the best path to ending the problem permanently. You could continue to apply pesticides to your lawn, but there are health and environmental risks that come with doing that. There is no need to continuously expose a household to harsh chemicals.

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tick removal phoenixTicks vary in color by species. Adult ticks can be smaller than a sunflower seed (over 1 cm long if engorged with blood), while tick larvae can be less than 1 mm. Common problem ticks include the American dog tick, deer or black-legged tick and lone star tick.

Ticks carry Lymes and an assortment of diseases. When an adult tick lays eggs, they hatch into tiny larvae that are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. To survive, they need a blood meal, and they’ll latch on to rodents to get it. (One mouse can carry 300 to 400 tick larvae.) When the larvae feed on the rodents they can acquire the pathogens that cause Lyme, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and other diseases, though the mice and chipmunks won’t get sick from those illnesses.

In the spring and early summer, the larvae molt into nymphs that are about the size of a poppy seed. They’ll look for another blood meal—from small mammals, a deer, you’re pet, and even you. (Deer don’t carry Lyme disease but can help spread it by bringing ticks into your yard.) In areas where Lyme is prevalent, about 1 in 4 of those nymphs can be infected with the disease. Because the nymphs are so small you may not notice when they are attached to your skin and may even mistake them for a speck of dirt or a freckle. That’s what makes this stage of tick development so dangerous.

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Bills Pest Control is your hometown exterminator. We provide safe, effective tick control services at affordable rates. If you have a pest problem we can help. For more information about Tick Removal Phoenix Az services give us a call today. #1 Phoenix Tick Exterminator.

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