Termite Treatment quoteTermites Scottsdale Az – Got termites Scottsdale Az? If so your not alone. Get help today! Welcome to the internet home of your hometown Scottsdale Arizona exterminator.  Family owned and locally operated we are Arizona’s Termite Experts.

Bills Pest Termite Control provides an array of treatment and inspection services.  We can help with any termites Scottsdale Az problem today.

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There is no better defense against termites in Scottsdale Arizona than a yearly termite inspection from an experienced Scottsdale termite inspector. A yearly comprehensive evaluation of your home can determine the presence of termites, termite damage, and/or conditions conducive to future infestation.  Termites in Scottsdale are cryptic and it takes an experienced inspector to detect the subtle signs of infestation.  Everyday hundreds of homes in Scottsdale come under attack from termites.  Even more frightening is that many of these infestations will go undetected for years and maybe even decades.  Often these infestations are not discovered until the damage becomes visible.  Termites Scottsdale Az is a serious business.

Not all termites in Scottsdale are the same.  Scottsdale termites come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  In fact one of the most destructive termite species found in North America thrives all over the Scottsdale area. Depending upon the species they can invade your home from outside along your foundation, tunnel in from underneath, fly in and/or be imported into your home.

Termite Control Scottsdale Az

Control methods vary by species and unfortunately there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment that takes care of everything.  Proactive or preventative type treatments are not usually recommended as it can needlessly expose you, your family and/or pets to harsh chemicals and leave you with a false sense of security.  The best protection is to get a yearly Scottsdale termite inspection from an experienced exterminator.

If termites in Scottsdale are detected Bills Termite Control Scottsdale will prescribe a customized combination of treatment methods designed to help protect your home. Bills bases termite treatment techniques on your home’s specific construction type because we understand that every home is unique, and not all customers’ needs are the same. We also consider the species of termites and the surrounding environment in order to provide the safest, most effective protection that will offer years of protection.

Scottsdale Termite Treatment

Scottsdale Termite TreatmentAt Bills Termite Control, our goal is to deliver Arizona’s best value in termite control. You’ll receive written specifications, customized diagrams and an inspection report after your inspection. And, if termites happen to return following your treatment while under our warranty period, we promise to re-treat the infestation at no additional charge.

Over 30,000 Arizona homeowners trust Bill’s to keep pests in their place–and out of their homes and businesses. With nearly three decades under our hats, we offer proven service and experience, helping protect the places where you live and work. And to ensure that our future is just as successful as our past, we are a leader in Arizona termite control, constantly developing new ways to responsibly treat homes. When it comes to Termites Scottsdale Az…Bill’s Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator. We know Scottsdale termites!

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Pest Control trained techniciansAll service technicians with Bills Pest Termite Control undergo rigorous training on Arizona termite behavior and Arizona construction practices. We can help make sure your home doesn’t offer the ideal combination of elements that lets Scottsdale termites thrive. And devise a customized plan that uses current and least invasive treatments to help keep them from destroying your home.  We’re committed to keeping pests in their place. If they return between treatments, we’ll re-treat at no additional charge.

Left untreated, termites can literally eat up the equity in your home. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cost Americans more than $5 billion in damages each year. That’s more than fire and flooding combined. And their destruction knows no bounds because any home, regardless of its construction type, can offer the ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food for a termite attack. Additionally, your homeowner’s insurance plans won’t cover any of the damage. Not having protection can lead to problems when selling a home, since many lending institutions require a termite inspection and/or treatment before lending money to home buyers.

Best Scottsdale Termite Control Service

Termite Treatment Scottsdale AzBills Termite Control specialists are extremely qualified to help protect homes against termites. Our specialists have undergone extensive training from the most experienced termite experts with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Because effective treatment requires specialized tools such as hammer drills, sub slab injectors, rodding devices, and other equipment, only highly trained specialists should be trusted.  Bills Termite Control has been the go-to termite exterminator in Scottsdale for three generations.  Recommended by Scottsdale realtors, home inspectors and title companies, we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources.  Other Scottsdale exterminators try to control termite infestations…we eliminate them!

Bills Termite Control Scottsdale method for keeping termites in their place consists of three important steps.

Step One: Thorough Inspection

On our initial visit, we assess your unique situation and individual needs, identifying the root of your problem and prescribing the right treatment for maximum protection with minimum inconvenience.

Step Two: Customized Protection Plan

Every home and family have a unique set of termite control needs. So is every treatment. We will design a customized program to help safeguard your largest investment against termites. Here’s how:

Liquid Treatment

  • Works inside, outside, and within your home’s foundation to provide a protective area around your home.
  • Offers immediate protection as well as protection from future infestations throughout the duration of the protection plan.
  • Application record the amount of termiticide used in each area and the cumulative total after each treatment, allowing us to deliver the precise amount needed.

Dry Foam And Termidor Dry

  • Used to treat voids and spaces in exterior and interior walls, under slabs, around pipes, and for certain surface spray applications.
  • The ultralow moisture content in Dry Foam prevents it from soaking through and damaging drywall.
  • Termidor Dry treatments expand to reach critical areas, providing extra coverage and protection.

Step Three: Ongoing Protection

We evaluate your structure once a year or as requested, and provide additional treatment when required. Schedule a free termite inspection today. For more information on termites Scottsdale Az give us a call today.

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