Termites Phoenix – When it comes to termites Phoenix has a national reputation and for good reason. Our desert environment and warm temperatures have traditionally made conditions ideal for the micro sized wood eaters. Across the valley homes have been constructed in desert areas that already had mid-high termite pressure. New homes provide additional food sources (the wood in your home), shelter from the desert sun and moisture. All three are essential to strong, healthy and large termite colonies. Needless to say the demand for termites Phoenix services has never been greater.

The bad news is there are a lot of termites and sooner or later just about every homeowner will come under attack. The good news is that not all species will be a threat to your home and/or require an expensive treatment. Currently there are at least 17 species found in Metro Phoenix.

“Every home should be inspected for termites Phoenix at least once a year…regardless of whether it has been treated or not.”

If you have the little buggers and/or suspect them don’t panic. After calming yourself you need to find an experienced Phoenix exterminator familiar with all types of termites Phoenix. I repeat find an experienced Phoenix exterminator familiar with ALL TYPES OF TERMITES PHOENIX. Not all termites are the same and many species will not require an expensive termite treatment. This is important as most Phoenix exterminators are familiar with the more common species and have little knowledge/experience with less common types of termites Phoenix. Missing the subtle signs of infestation from less common species can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security and thousands of dollars worth of hidden damage. Misidentification can result in unnecessary termite treatment services and exposure to harsh chemicals.

Some termite species will invade your home from underground, others via flight, from the outside or be imported directly into you home. Depending upon the species termite treatment methods will vary. For example Western Drywood Termites can invade via flight so termite treatment methods involving trenching the soil and drilling abutting concrete provides little protection.Termites in Phoenix

Desert Termites are the most common species and although capable of invading your home or business they are typically found outside on wood fences, tree trunks, or wood debris left on the ground. Desert Termites normally live below ground, surfacing after rain fall or heavy watering, building distinctive thin sheets of soil over food source(s). Because Desert Termites are larger than our native subterranean termites their above ground shelter tubes are much larger in diameter. Distinctive shelter tubes are often found in home crawl spaces.

Control of Desert Termites when they invade a structure is similar to termite treatment methods used for native subterranean termites. Treatment to areas away from a structure is best achieved by monthly or bi-monthly spray(s).

Native Subterranean termites are the second most common termites Phoenix. They are number one when it comes to termites that invade structures and cause damage. Native Subterranean termites are the smallest of Arizona termites and can be distinguished by the narrow shelter tubes constructed from their nest to food sources.

Control of Subterranean termites is best achieved by creating a continuous barrier around a structure exterior and treating the soil below interior access points such as stress cracks, expansion joints and plumbing traps. It’s important that all areas are treated and a termiticide that offers the longest residual in our Arizona clay soil is selected.

Drywood Termites are often found in areas of the Valley of the Sun. Drywood Termites do not require contact with soil and live within the wood they infest. They are larger than most Arizona termites and a small colony can do a lot of damage if left unchecked. Drywood Termites are not often seen leaving an experience termite inspector to look for damaged wood or fecal droppings to detect a Drywood Termite infestation.

Depending upon the severity of Drywood Termite infestation structures can be treated by tent fumigation or direct wood applications. Tent fumigations are expensive and inconvenient for homeowners as they must vacate their home for 3-4 days and remove items from the interior. Direct wood applications offer a homeowner a cost effective termite treatment with long term protection against future re-infestations.

Bills Termite ControlIf you have termites Phoenix or suspect a infestation…call Bills Termite Control. An experienced termite inspector will be able to determine if you have an active infestation, identify the species and recommend proper control methods. If termites are not present the termite inspector can point out areas that are conducive to future infestation and recommend correction.

Bills Termite Control has been a trusted Phoenix exterminator for three generations. We provide free yearly termite inspections, free estimates and second opinions. Bills Termite Control will only recommend the service(s) that you need. No upselling or hidden fees. We use the safest, most effective products that provide the longest protection. For more information about termite Phoenix services give us a call.

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