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Best Termite Treatments Arizona – Looking for termite treatments Arizona service? Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Arizona termite exterminator providing a complete array of termite services.  If you have a problem with termites we can help! #1 Arizona Termite Control Exterminator.

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Not all termites are the same and not all should be treated the same.”

When you Google, Bing, or search Yahoo for termite treatments Arizona you will find 1000s of listings. Many of these Phoenix exterminator services have only been in business for a few years and most (80%) will not be around in 20 years.

During the last real estate boom, many pest control only exterminators got into the termite treatment industry hoping to make a fast buck. That increased competition spiraled price and quality of work down for termite treatment, termite report, and termite inspection services. Warranties were extended into the 5-15 year range easily exceeding the residual of the termiticides applied. Several upstarts offered $300 treatments with 10-15 year warranties.

Termite Treatment Arizona

Phoenix pest inspectorThe average size home in Phoenix can use over $300 in chemical costs alone when properly treated with a quality product. One of the biggest expenses in termite control is chemical costs. Diluting chemical and treating selected areas rather than the entire home can account for low price termite treatment services.

Spot treatments and/or just treating where the termites are visible is not wise. No drill termite treatments are not advisable. These types of termite treatment services are a recipe for disaster. Most species of Arizona termites are cryptic and infest areas not often visible by homeowners. It is not uncommon for homeowners to discover infestations that are several years old by happenstance. We receive calls daily from homeowners that are remodeling and discover hidden damage when opening walls or ceilings.

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termite control phoenixNo drill termite treatment services save exterminators costs on labor and termiticides. When you consider that subterranean termites typically nest under foundations and abutting slabs not treating these areas properly is insane. Abutting slabs and under foundations provide subterranean termites with moisture, shelter from the desert sun, and easy access to food (your home!).

Yearly follow up inspections are as important as the termite treatment service. Because of the cryptic nature of Arizona termites, it often takes an experienced termite inspector to detect active termites. Homeowners with multi-year warranties are left on their own to detect termites and call for service. This can be costly as the hidden activity is often not detected until years later when the damage becomes visible.

Some of these types of Phoenix exterminators are no longer in business and many homeowners have learned an expensive lesson. Homeowners are cautioned to research Phoenix exterminators online and review termite treatment proposals. The lowest price is not always the best option, especially when it comes to your home.

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Bills Termite Treatments Arizona service has been your hometown exterminator for three generations. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other Phoenix exterminator services call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. As a trusted Phoenix exterminator and termite expert you have peace of mind that your termite treatment will be completed properly with a good product and provide years of protection.

Bills Termite Treatments Arizona service will continue to be here when you need us. While our prices are competitive (we don’t have Nationwide overhead) many competitors advertise they will do anything to be the cheapest (“We will beat any termite treatment by 10 or 15 percent!”). Compromising quality for a quick buck is not our way of doing business! If you want quality treatment at a price you can trust, Bills Termite Treatments Arizona service is your Phoenix exterminator.

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arizona termitesWhen you consider Arizona has several species of termites along with not every home is constructed the same, it’s obvious that every termite infestation should not be treated the same. Depending upon the species Arizona termites can invade your home from underground, above ground, via flight or be imported. Not all Arizona termites are the same, nor should the treatment methods. Termite treatments that address ground-based termites offer no protection against other types of termites such as flying species.

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arizona termite treatmentTermite treatments should not be cookie-cutter. Each home should be thoroughly inspected with a specialized treatment prescribed. Bills Termite Treatments Arizona provides FREE inspections, termite treatment proposals, and second opinions.

Our termite inspectors will leave you with a written quote and diagram showing areas of infestation(s) and a proposal for treatment based upon the detected species. Most termite treatment services include a warranty so you have peace of mind that if the termites come back…we come back! For more information about termite treatments Arizona give us a call. #1 Arizona Termite Control Exterminator.

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Best Termite Treatments Arizona
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