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Termite Treatment quoteBest Termite Treatment Litchfield Park Az – Got termites? WE CAN HELP! Getting termites is just a way of life in Arizona.  In fact everyday 1000s of homes across the valley come under attack from these critters.  Even more frightening is many of these infestations will go months, years or even decades before they are discovered.  By then the damage repair costs can be very expensive and the resale value of the home has taken a hit.  The west valley is no exception to the threat as demonstrated by the number of termite treatment Litchfield Park exterminators. #1 Litchfield Park Termite Control Service – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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litchfield termite exterminatorIf and when these critters are spotted the natural reaction is panic.  Will my house be destroyed? Is it too late? How much will it cost to get rid of these little monsters?  Homeowners are best advised to take a deep breath…stay calm and find a reputable termite treatment Litchfield Park service.  Most exterminators will provide a free inspection and consumers are advised to take advantage of this service.

“Depending upon the species termites can invade from underground, above ground, via flight or be brought into your home hidden within infested wood.” 

Getting an inspection will help homeowners determine the best course of action.  Often what a homeowner believes is termites turns out to be one of the other 11,000 insects that inhabit the Litchfield area.  Even more promising is you might have termites and not need to spend 100s to 1000s of dollars to get rid of ‘em.

Best Termite Treatment Litchfield Park Az

To most a termite is a termite.  Few are aware that there are different types and some are not a threat to destroy your home.  Arizona is home to at least 17 different types of termites.  Other than sharing a common name and an appetite for wood they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  Depending upon the species they can invade from underground, above ground, via flight or be carried into a home hidden inside infested items.

Finding a good termite treatment Litchfield Park exterminator will help properly identify if you have the critters and what type.  Before getting any type of service make sure the target species is properly identified.  This is critical.  Failure to do so can result in wasting hundreds of dollars on a worthless service and needlessly exposing you household to harsh chemicals.

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Pest Control trained techniciansEffective termite treatment Litchfield Park services must be specific to the invading species.  For example treating the soil around the foundation of a home provides little protection against termites that nest within the wood they infest, or termites invading from underground.

Unfortunately there is not one cookie-cutter method and/or product for treating every type of termite found in Litchfield.  Consumers are best served when they find an experience exterminator familiar with all types of termites and get an expert evaluation.  For more information about termite treatment Litchfield Park services give us a call.

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Best Termite Treatment Litchfield Park Az
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Ryder R via Kudzu

Bill’s Pest & Termite Control serviced our home for termites in 2001. Since that service we have not had any termite issues. We like that they come out every year and exam our home for problems.

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Jason just left our home. He was awesome and did a great job servicing our termites.