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Best Termite Treatment Goodyear Az – Got termites? Need Goodyear termite control exterminator services? We can help! Get affordable termite control Goodyear Az services today from your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

Bill’s Goodyear termite control provides free inspections, evaluations and second opinions. Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  If you have a problem with termites give us a call today.  We can put you on the road to living termite free!

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Termites in Goodyear Az are a constant threat to your home.  If the daily volume of service calls for termite treatment Goodyear Az services is any indication, It’s not if…rather it’s when will they attack.

When most homeowners think of termites they envision little ant size bugs that nest underground going after the wood in a home like a buzz saw.  Like most urban legends there is a little truth mixed in with a little exaggeration.

Goodyear Arizona is home to at least 17 unique species of termites.  They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Depending upon the species the attack will come from outside, airborne, underground or be unknowingly brought into your home hidden in infested wood.

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“It’s a good idea to have the phone number to a good termite treatment Goodyear Az service.” 

Arizona TermitesThe threat of termites in Goodyear Az is so real that new homes are treated during construction and receive a 3-5 year warranty.  As these homes age the protective barrier wears out and ground-based termites begin attacking soon thereafter.  Consumers should be aware that the initial service, during the construction phase, only protects against the types of termites that nest in the soil.

The threat from other types, such as Western Drywood termites is real and should not be ignored.  Drywood type termites fly and/or get brought into a home hidden inside infested wood or furniture.  Treating the soil under and around the foundation is little if any deterrent to dry wood, or damp wood termites.

Best Termite Treatment Goodyear Az

termite control goodyear azJust as the habits of each species are different so are the eradication methods.  Prior to considering any Goodyear termite treatment, it’s important to properly identify the target species.  It’s not uncommon for more than one type of termite species to attack the same home.  Effectively getting rid of both species may require two different treatments.

Preventative type termite treatment Goodyear Az services are not generally advised as it provides limited protection and leaves consumers with a false sense of security.  The best defense against Goodyear termites is a yearly termite inspection.  Consumers are best served when they find an experienced termite inspector familiar with all types of Goodyear termites.  The difference in experience may be enough to discover the subtle signs of an infestation that a green termite inspector may miss.  Finding a hidden termite infestation early can save a homeowner from expensive damage repairs and the loss of resale value.

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goodyear termite exterminatorBills Pest Termite Control provides complete termite treatment Goodyear Az services for your home or business.  We provide free yearly termite inspection services.  Call us today to order your free inspection.  If you have termites we can find them.  If you don’t we can point out conditions around your home that will attract ‘em and suggest corrective steps to keep the critters away.

Every home in Goodyear should be inspected at least once a year.  If you’re considering the purchase of a home getting a Goodyear termite inspection report can save you from getting buried in a termite nightmare.

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Best Termite Treatment Goodyear Az
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  • Best Termite Treatment Goodyear Az

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Bill’s Pest Control has been taking care of our termite problems for the last nine years. They are dependable and have kept us termite free.

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Goodyear Termites

Wayne from Bill's Pest Control has been servicing our home for termites the last 4 years. He is great and has kept the termites away