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Termite Treatment quoteTermite Treatment Glendale Az – Got termites? Need termite treatment Glendale Az exterminator services?  Don’t panic.  We can help.  Call your hometown exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control #1 Glendale Termite Control Exterminator.  We provide free inspections, evaluations, second opinions and estimates for eradication services in Glendale Arizona. #1 Termite Control Glendale Az.

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bills pest termite control phoenix az logoNine out of ten Glendale homes will get termites.  Many will be infested multiple times and/or from different species.  It’s just a matter of time before most homeowners will have  the need for Termite Treatment Glendale Az services.

As you read this thousands of Glendale home are under attack by termites. Most homeowners are not aware that termites are secretively destroying their home 24/7/365.  Many of these infestations will go years before the hidden damage becomes visible.  The threat of termites in Glendale Arizona is real.


Termite Control Glendale Az

termite control phoenixThe best defense against Glendale termites is to have your home inspected at least once a year by an experienced termite exterminator. Glendale is home to all 17 species of termites found in the Sonoran Desert. While our more common native species enter your home from the soil below your foundation…some of our less common termites can attack from the air or be carried into your home.

It takes a trained and experience termite inspector to recognize the unique signs and habits of each species. Inexperience inspectors can miss termite evidence leading to expensive structural damage repairs and giving a homeowner a false sense of security.

If your home does not have Glendale termites there is no need to take any action other than getting yearly termite inspections.  Preventative termite treatments can be a waste of money, provide no protection against all types of termites and needlessly expose you, your family and pets to harsh chemicals.

Termite Treatment Glendale Az

glendale termite exterminatorIf you have termites…or suspect termites the first step is to call a Glendale termites professional for a FREE TERMITE INSPECTION. A good inspector can determine if termites are present, identify the species and provide a diagram pin-pointing areas of infestation.  The inspection should be thorough and include the inside/outside of the entire structure.

Additionally the inspector will prepare a treatment proposal with special consideration to the species, construction type of your home, and surrounding environment.  If the termite inspector notes areas around your home with conditions that are conducive to nesting termites he/she will provide corrective suggestions.

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termite inspectorHomes that have been recently serviced or with a history of termite activity should also be inspected.  An experienced termite inspector can determine if the treatment is still effective and whether another type of termite has infested.  Not all Glendale Termites are the same, nor is the treatment methods.

Native species subterranean termites like to nest in the soil under your home or abutting slabs. These slabs provide protection from our desert heat, moisture and isolation from predators. Because of their small size they can make entry into your home via expansion joints and small cracks. It’s important when treating for this species that the entire home be serviced including the soil under slabs to ensure long term protection.

Glendale Termite Treatment Service

glendale termite exterminatorNeed termite control Glendale Az services? Effective Glendale termite treatments require the application of hundreds of gallons of harsh chemicals. It’s important to ensure the safest, most effective product is applied. Special consideration must be given to the soil type around your home and surrounding environment. Products that work well in different areas (soil types) of the country don’t often fare as well in Arizona.

Most Glendale termites are sensitive to all types of pesticides and pretty easy to kill when they come into contact.  Different termiticides may have a different method for killing termites (Mode of Attack) however more important to consumers should be placement and residual.  Paying extra money to get the “best” termiticide can be a waste of money if it is not properly mixed and/or applied.  Consumers are best served when the application is precise and thorough.

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glendale termite treatmentBills Termite Control Glendale Az is your hometown exterminator and a trusted name in Arizona for nearly three decades. Bills Pest Termite Control provides safe, effective exterminator services at affordable rates and specializes in eliminating Glendale termites.

We provide FREE yearly termite inspections and no obligation termite treatment quotes for Glendale termite control services. Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s Termite Experts providing affordable Termite Control Glendale Az exterminator services!

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Best people to call for termite eradication. Service was fast and tidy and the follow up appointments were great.

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Pleased with the initial termite service from Bill's Termite and the yearly protection plan. The price was better than expected as was the service.