Termite Treatment Cost – How much should a termite treatment cost? Discovering that termites are eating away at your home is stressful. Not many of us budget for a termites treatment so when it comes time to hire an exterminator cost can be a deciding factor.  If you have a problem with termites in the Phoenix Arizona area we can help.  Call 602.308.4510 for a free inspection, evaluation, and quote or click below to get a quick-n-easy online quote.  Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts!

“Proper termite species identification is key to effective eradication.” 

When you discover or suspect termites don’t panic! Not all termites are the same. Effective termite treatment methods can vary from one species to another. Not all termites will be a threat to your home. So don’t panic…get a FREE termite inspection from an experienced exterminator familiar with all types of termites found in your area. Keep in mind that the average exterminator is often only familiar with the more common termites found in the area of operation. An inexperienced pest inspector can miss the subtle signs of infestation from less common types of termites. This can be a costly mistake as early detection can save a homeowner from future damage repairs.

A good termite inspection should provide a homeowner with a diagram listing area(s) of infestation and properly identify all species detected. Additionally, the report may include areas that are conducive to infestation with recommendations on corrective procedures. If termites are noted and treatment is recommended a termite treatment cost will be included in the diagram.

Properly identifying the invading termite species is critical as not all termites are the same nor is the treatment methods. For example, if your home is infested with Western Drywood termites…treating the soil around and under your home will have little (if any) impact on eliminating this type of termites. Drywood termites live/feed within the wood members they infest and rarely wander into the soil around your home.

Termite Treatment Cost

In the Phoenix Arizona area below 4000 feet, the more common termite is our native species subterranean termites (Heterotermes). Effective elimination of this species requires establishing a complete foundation barrier around and under the structure. Heterotermes are subterranean and prefer to nest in the ground under concrete slabs. Concrete slabs provide cooler soil temperatures, protection from the desert sun and trap critical moisture making these areas conducive. Heterotermes are often 5-6 times smaller than other species of termites giving them a unique ability to enter structures via expansion joints and small stress cracks. It’s important that when treating for subterranean termites that areas under the home and abutting slabs be properly treated.

Termite Control CostIt should cost less to treat your home for subterranean termites than to paint it. If it doesn’t your painter is working too cheap or your termite treatment cost is too high. Anyone can shop for the lowest price but remember most exterminator’s charges what they think their services are worth. Forget about shopping for the lowest price as your primary decision maker. Price is one factor, that’s for sure, but there are more important decision-making factors.

Termite Pest Control exterminators offering the lowest price typically are saving on chemical costs by treating areas of infestation only (spot treatments) and labor…by not drilling critical areas like abutting slabs and under your home. Just like any business, there are a lot of expenses associated with termite treatment cost. Some of those termite control cost factors are:

  • Cost of termiticide
  • Business & Auto Insurance
  • License & Permits
  • Equipment & supplies (hammer drills, concrete patch, drill bits, etc)
  • Labor & Training
  • Sales-Production costs and commissions
  • Business expenses (staff, uniforms, vehicles, gas, office supplies etc)
  • State, Federal & City taxes
  • Advertising

Termite Control Cost – New Construction

Termite treatment cost on a new build home is approximately .25 cents per square foot with a 5-year renewable warranty. Example: 2000 square foot slab home x .25 = $500. This is an average cost for a slab home with a 2000 square footprint and includes a final grade treatment.

Termite Control Cost – Post Construction

Figuring a termite treatment cost on an existing home infested with native species subterranean termites is a bit more involved. In the Phoenix area, the average price to treat a home runs between $1.75 to $3.00 per linear foot. Linear feet is determined by measuring around a home’s foundation including exposed cold joints in the garage and stress cracks. Also depending upon the construction type of your slab you will have to include the hidden cold joint between the foundation and footer. Remember when servicing for native species termites (Heterotermes) it’s critical to treat the hidden cold joint between the foundation and footer.

Example: 250 linear feet of treatable area x 2.00 (average price) = $500. This is an average termite treatment cost for a slab home when treating for native species termites. This price includes a renewable warranty and yearly termite inspections.

Another method used is to take the footprint (square footage that contacts the soil) and multiply by .30. Example: Two stories 4000 square foot home with only 2000 square feet in contact with soil x.30 = $600.  This is an average termite control cost for a slab home when treating for native species termites. This price includes a renewable warranty and yearly termite inspections.

These are ballpark figures to help you understand termite treatment price.  Termite Treatment price will be higher or lower depending on:

  1. Type of Termites Treatment
  2. Length of Warranty
  3. Type of Termiticide

Depending upon which termite pest control exterminator you call, large companies usually have more overhead expenses. Also, figure in the cost of your annual renewal. Ballpark – between $100 and $300 should be about right. Make sure your renewal rate is locked in and not subject to arbitrary increases and/or cancellation. Additionally, ensure that the termite pest control exterminator will return at least once a year to re-inspect your home. It’s not uncommon that a new species of termites will invade a home and/or the barrier around your home is disturbed and a re-infestation occurs.

Always get a written estimate on any termite pest control work, make sure your estimate includes a treatment diagram so So later you can make comparisons on treatment specs, guarantees, as well as price. Check the exterminator out on the internet…remembers Google is your friend.Cost of Termite Treatment

Price can be a big factor but never shop on price alone! This is never the best idea. Don’t be in a hurry. Arizona termites eat slow and take the time to do real damage. You have time to make an informed decision.

Termiticide is very important as not all are equal. Cheaper products have residuals of only 1-3 years and merely repel termites. More expensive products provide complete elimination and years of protection.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown termite exterminator and a trusted name in termite control for three generations. Our prices are competitive and without the overhead of the national chains. Our expertise is second to none. We will only provide the service(s) you need. Nothing more…nor less. No up-selling or hidden fees. You can trust our termite services are safe and effective.  We provide Free termite inspections and free quotes for termite treatment online.

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