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Best Termite Treatment Carefree Az – Discovering your home is infested with termites can send a chill right up your spine followed shortly thereafter by a sense of panic. Is my house going to fall apart? Can I afford a termite treatment Carefree Az service?  These are common concerns…and believe it or not your home most likely will not fall apart and you might not need an expensive treatment to get rid of the critters.

To most homeowners there is only one kind of termite. They are micro sized insects that look like white ants and are hell-bent on eating a home down to the ground.

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“Not all types of termites in Carefree should be considered a threat to your home.” 

In the real world there are many different types of termites. In Arizona we have at least 17 unique species.  Our termites come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Each species has unique nesting habits and require specialized treatments to eradicate. In other words not all termites are the same and before considering any termite treatment Carefree Az exterminator services it’s critical to properly identify the invading species.

Before considering any termite treatment Carefree Az service it’s important that the invading species be properly identified. Not properly identifying the little invaders can mean paying for a treatment that will not provide protection and worse yet…spending hard earned money on an unnecessary service.

Believe it or not…not every infestation will require the application of pesticides and/or have need for an exterminator. Depending upon the types of termites and location(s) simply removing the food source (wood) may be enough to stop a nest of termites.  So before considering any termite treatment Carefree Az service call a professional exterminator for a free inspection and evaluation.

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Termite Control Carefree AzBills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s hometown exterminator providing free inspections and evaluations for all types of pest infestations. Our inspectors are Arizona natives familiar with the unique pests found throughout the Sonoran Desert.  Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources.  For more information about termite treatment Carefree Az exterminator services or to order a free inspection give us a call.

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Best Termite Treatment Carefree Az
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Nicki G via NextDoor

The crew from Bill’s Termite arrived on time. They were polite and hardworking.  The initial service was completed in just under three hours and they cleaned up.  We have expensive landscaping that was difficult to work around.  Very pleased with the price and service.  I recommend Bill’s Termite.

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by Larry L via Kudzu on Bills Pest Termite Control
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Lisa from Bill's Termite inspected our home and located three problem areas. The quote for service was much less than we were prepared for. The service personal were friendly and patient. Because of the positive experience we opted for the yearly inspection plan.