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Termite Treatment Buckeye Az | Buckeye Termite Control Exterminator – Got termites? Get rid of the critters today with expert Termite Treatment Buckeye Az services from Bills Pest Termite Control- #1 Buckeye Termite Treatment Exterminator. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Most include a renewable warranty so you can have peace of mind.

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“New construction has helped to increase the demand for termite treatment Buckeye Az services.”

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Not long ago Buckeye Az was a sleepy town on the southwestern edge of Metro Phoenix.  Almost overnight it became one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the country with new subdivisions popping up one after the other in the vast open desert areas that are now part of the City of Buckeye.

Buckeye termites are cryptic. They can be difficult to detect.  In fact, everyday new homes come under attack. Many of these attacks will go undetected for months, years, or even decades.  Often the first inkling of a problem is when hidden damage is discovered.  The best protection is a yearly inspection from an experienced Buckeye termite exterminator.

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termite treatment exterminatorTermites like most living creatures need moisture, shelter, and a steady food source in order to thrive.  New construction has created an abundance of these necessities and as a result, the demand for termite treatment Buckeye Az services has never been greater.  In fact, calls for termite services in Buckeye are expected to increase every year into the foreseeable future.

Not all termites are the same. Buckeye is home to all 17 species of termites found in Arizona.  Effective treatment methods must be matched to the proper species. Most consumers are familiar with the more common subterranean type termites that usually build tubes along the foundation to signal their presence and the need for treatment.  The threat from this species is enough that the soil is treated prior to pouring the foundation on a new home.  As part of the service new homeowners are given a 3-5 year warranty that provides service for a ground-based termite infestation.

Termite Control Buckeye Az

termite inspectorConsumers should be aware that not all termites in Buckeye are the same.  Each species is unique and they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  Termites, depending upon the species can attack a home from outside, underground, above ground, via flight, or be unknowingly brought into a home hidden inside infested wood or furniture.

Just as termites are different so are the methods used to effectively eradicate an infestation.  Treating the soil around the foundation will provide no relief from a dry wood termite infestation and several other species.  Additionally, it’s not uncommon for more than one species to attack the same home which may require two different types of treatments.

Prior to considering any termite treatment Buckeye Az service it’s important to get a thorough inspection from an experienced termite control exterminator.  A good inspector should be able to pinpoint all areas of infestation and properly identify the invading species.  Additionally, the inspector should point out areas around your home that are conducive to infestation.  These areas should be corrected ASAP.

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buckeye termite exterminatorA Buckeye termite treatment proposal should be tailored to the target species, construction style of the home, consider the surrounding environment and minimize disruption.  Consumers should not fall into the “chemical trap” that salespeople throw on the table.  All termiticides approved for use in the State of Arizona will kill termites.  How a product kills a termite is not as important as how long it will protect the home and how will it be applied.

Application is key to eradicating termites and getting long term protection against re-infestation.  Using the best and/or most expensive termiticide means little if it is not mixed and/or applied properly.  Paying extra money for the newest and greatest product may not be the best investment if it needs to be re-applied every couple of years.

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If you have…or suspect the critters call Arizona’s termite experts.  We will provide a complete inspection and evaluation.  If no termites are found we will not try to hard-sell a service that you do not need.  If we do find termites a detailed diagram will be provided listing all areas of infestation, the type(s) of termites found, and a custom-tailored Buckeye termite treatment service.  Our treatments are designed to completely eliminate all infestations and provide years of protection.  We include a renewable warranty so you have peace of mind that if they come back…we come back. #1 Termite Treatment & Control Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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