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Best Termite Soil Treatment Phoenix Az –  Treating the soil before placement of the concrete slab helps protect a structure against future termite infestation(s).  Additionally, it protects the builder against damage repair claims.  In Arizona, it’s essential to get a good termite soil treatment.  After all the Phoenix area is considered the “Termite Capital” of North America.

Arizona is home to at least 17 different types of termites.  Given the cryptic nature of this menace infestations often go months, years and even decades before they are discovered.  Getting a termite soil treatment is an affordable protection option.

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Termite soil treatment services usually include spraying the ground where the foundation is to be poured.  This initial step should be completed within 24 hours of pouring concrete for the foundation.  Arizona rules and regulations require a licensed applicator who has been properly trained to perform the service.

Only State and EPA products may be used.  Application rates are mandated to be 1 gallon applied for every 10 square feet of surface area.  For example, an 1800 square foot structure would require 180 gallons.

Structures that have footers must have a small trench dug and have 4 gallons per 10 linear feet applied.  The trenched areas must be back filled and have the top soil treated. Areas with plumbing that will protrude through the foundation should have 1 gallon applied.  Abutting exterior slabs that will be covered should be treated with 1 gallon per 10 square feet.  Uncovered abutting slabs require treating a 3-square foot area that abuts the foundation.

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An important part of an effective termite soil treatment is the second phase.  Often called the “Final Grade.”  The final grade termite treatment is often missed and/or overlooked.  Usually, a good indicator of a missed final grade is the sudden appearance of termite tubes along the exterior foundation.  Arizona rules and regulation mandate that the final grade service should be done within 120 days of the initial termite soil treatment.

Most exterminators leave notification of the final grade service with the new occupants, or they post a treatment notice in the electrical panel.

The final grade service involves making a small trench along the exterior’s soft areas of the foundation and applying a termiticide.  The rate of application is 4 gallons for every ten linear feet of the service area.  The back-fill soil should also be treated.

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Pretreats New ConstructionArizona exterminators are required to provide a 3-year warranty for every termite soil treatment.  Occasionally building specifications may call for a 5-year warranty.

For the first year of either warranty, the exterminator is required to repair resulting termite damage and treat any occurrence(s) of termite infestation.  After the first year, the exterminator is only required to provide treatment services for active infestations throughout the remainder of the warranty.

Even with a 3 or 5-year warranty consumers are best served to have yearly infestations.  Often detecting an active infestation can be difficult.  Finding an experienced termite inspector is recommended.  Most exterminators in the Phoenix area provide free yearly inspections.

Another consideration for consumers should be extending and/or purchasing another warranty at the end of the first term.  Many exterminators will not extend the initial warranty and require a new treatment.  This can be expensive and unnecessary (depending on the situation).

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A few Phoenix area exterminating companies will allow extending the initial warranty on a year-to-year basis.  This can be a very affordable option for consumers.

Termite Pretreatment New ConstructionA lot of attention is paid to what product to use for a termite soil treatment.  Most times this is unnecessary. The State of Arizona and EPA have approved several termiticides.  All have been tested and in fact, kill termites.  A not so important detail that gets a lot of attention is how the products kill termites.  Since they will all kill termites what difference does how make?

Often overlooked and critical to long term protection is; what is the termiticides residual?  Arizona has a unique soil type – Arizona clay.  Our soil is dry.  Termiticide behavior is unique in the Grand Canyon State.  In other words, products that work well in the eastern half of the country do not fare so well out west.  Evidence of this can be found in the United States Department of Agriculture test results.  Heavy weight products such as Termidor (Fipronil) have almost half the residual as products containing Bifenthrin.  Pricing on Termidor is almost three times that of Bifenthrin products.  Products with the active ingredient Imidacloprid can provide 10-15 years of residual termite soil treatment protection. 

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The application is key – Even the best products are useless when improperly mixed and/or applied. 

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown extermination and Arizona’s Termite Experts.  We specialize in providing termite soil treatment services.  Most services include a renewable warranty, so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the termites come back, we come back.  Our service technicians are trained and experienced to deliver the best in termite soil treatment services. 

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Best Termite Soil Treatment Phoenix Az
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