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Arizona Termite Soil Pretreatment – Constructing a new structure? Given the termite reputation that Arizona has you may want to consider termite soil pretreatment services. After all Arizona is considered by many to be the “Termite Capital of North America.” Bills Pest Termite Control #1 Arizona Termite Treatment Exterminators.

With at least 17 unique species the threat of termite damage is high. Arizona termites can invade a structure from underground, above ground, via flight or unknowingly brought in to a structure hidden within infested wood. Given the cryptic nature of this pest an infestation can go undetected for months, years or even decades. Often the first inkling of a problem is when the resulting damage is stumbled upon.

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arizona termite treatmentGetting a good termite soil pretreatment service during construction can reduce the chance of infestation. The purpose of the service is to provide a continuous protective barrier under the structure to stop foraging termites. Making a continuous barrier using the right product(s) can provide long-term protection.

Effective termite soil pretreatment services are usually done in stages. The initial stage is when the soil is soaked with a suitable product just prior to the pouring of a concrete foundation. It’s critical that this stage is done close to the pouring of concrete. This keeps the sun, rain and wind from affecting treated areas. Additionally, treated areas should not be disturbed. When this cannot be avoided the area should be retreated.

The initial service usually requires treating along existing footers. This is done by making a small trench that is filled with 4 gallons of product for every 10 linear feet serviced. The small trenches should be back-filled and the top-soil treated.

Surface areas should be soaked at a rate of 1 gallon per 10 square feet. Plumbing protrusions may be soaked with a gallon of product each. Servicing a 2000 square foot area, for example, will require 200 gallons of product and approximately 1 gallon for every plumbing protrusion.

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Pretreats New ConstructionConsumers often get caught up with the desire to use the “best” termiticide for their termite soil pretreatment. Arizona applicators are required to only use termiticides that are approved by the State and EPA. Each of these products is proven to kill and or repel termites. While they may work a bit differently, they all provide the same results – Dead Termites!

Prices and/or cost for products can range from very expensive to not-so-expensive. One of the most important considerations should be “residual.” Or rather, how long will these products work. Residual protection and testing data is available from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Products approved for termite soil pretreatment in Arizona have residuals ranging from 3-15+ years. Interestingly many of the more expensive products fall right in the middle of years for residual protection. As expected some of the “not-so-expensive” products provide only 3-7 years of residual protection.

Products with the active ingredient Bifenthrin are generally priced on the lower end of cost and provide the longest (tested) protection (15+ years).

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arizona termites exterminatorWhen looking at test data it’s important to consider data from areas of the country with similar soil types. Arizona, as you may know has a very dry clay type soil. Products that work well in areas outside of Arizona do not fare so well in the desert.

Another important aspect of getting a good termite soil pretreatment is the mixing and application of the product. Even the best product is worthless if not mixed and/or applied properly.
Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator and Arizona’s Termite Experts. We provide an array of termite services throughout Arizona. Our services are safe, effective and affordable. Many include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the termites come back, we come back. Termite Treatment for new construction.

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