Order Termite ReportTermite Reports for Realtors – Need a Termite Reports for Realtors? Phoenix area Realtors face many liabilities during the average real estate transaction.  Among one of the biggest is the termite report.

“Buying a home in Arizona without a complete termite inspection report is risky.”

Realtors are charged with protecting the interests of the client. The client in the eyes of Arizona courts can be both parties involved in the real estate transaction. Missing or incomplete information on a termite report is a common violation investigated by the Arizona Office of Pest Management and the gateway to civil litigation. Litigation that can destroy a good reputation, cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and untold hours of lost work. Phoenix area Realtors can minimize liability by carefully scrutinizing whom they select or recommend to complete the termite inspection for the client.

Additionally Realtors should:

  • Check the license status of the Termite Company
  • Check the license status of the Termite inspector
  • Search the online reputation of the Termite Company
  • Ensure the report is completed within a timely manner
  • Review the report with the client
  • Ensure the report includes a diagram
  • Compare the termite history with the SPUDs report

When you use Bills Termite Reports for Realtors service you are assured that our inspectors are among the most experienced and trained in the State of Arizona. It’s been reported that the Phoenix area has up to 25 different types of termites. Many of these termites are unique and often missed by less experienced termite inspectors.

Our computer generated termite reports can be in your hands the same day and includes:

  • Easy to read report with a complete diagram
  • Termite history search with the Office of Pest Management
  • 30 day warranty as to the present of termites
  • Courtesy copies can be sent to the client, other agent, title etc

If you are the type of realtor that only uses the best for the client, you should be using Bills Termite Reports for Realtors service Arizona’s Termite Experts!

Bills Termite Reports for Realtors program assures area Realtors that their clientele receives the best termite inspection and service available in Arizona.  Our experienced termite inspectors are familiar with all species of termites found in Arizona.  All termite inspection reports include a detailed diagram of the inspected property listing areas of infestation, conditions conducive to infestation and noted areas of concern.  We include a 30 day warranty so if termites pop up your client has peace of mind that the treatment is covered.  One year warranties may be purchased for $150.

Reports are usually available via email the day of inspection and includes necessary photos to clarify notations.  Realtors are assured in knowing that if termites surface within 30 days of the inspection…your customer will have the infestation treated and be given a one year renewable warranty.  If the termites come back…we come back! Termite Treatment.

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