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Termite Pretreatment New Construction

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Building a new structure and want to protect it from termites? We can help!  Family owned and locally operated Bills Termite Pretreatment New Construction Service is Arizona’s Termite Experts. Our termite soil treatment services are designed to protect your new home or business from termite damage for years. Our services are safe, effective, and affordable. Most include a renewable warranty so you can find peace of mind.

We provide liquid pretreatments, soil treatments, and termite warranties for new construction in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Chandler, and Peoria Arizona.  Most services include the State of Arizona mandated 3-year certificate warranty.  We provide renewable yearly termite treatment

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It’s no secret that Arizona is the termite capital of North America.  Home to over 17 different types of this wood-eating menace it’s a great idea to have the soil treated in and around any new structure.

Depending upon the construction type, size of the pour, and season a termite pretreatment new construction service can require at least two trips or more.  Bills Pest Termite Control’s Termite Pretreatment New Construction is always completed correctly and on time! We have the best response time in the industry, and that translates to your project(s) staying on schedule.

Termite Pretreatment

The goal of a good Termite Pretreatment New Construction service is to provide a continuous barrier of termiticide directly under and around the slab/foundation of a structure.  When accomplished using a good product the structure can avoid infestation for years.  Bills has the experience, training, and products to accomplish this goal!

When it comes to pretreatments in Arizona consumers are best served to pick an exterminator they can trust and rely upon.  Arizona has a rich history of exterminators being here one day and gone the next.  Getting a 3 or 5-year warranty is worthless if that exterminator is not around to provide needed services.

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For over three generations Bills construction termite treatment service has been Arizona’s Trusted Exterminator.  We’ve been here when needed and will continue to be into the next couple of generations.

Bills construction termite treatment service only uses the best products for termite control services.  We understand the unique clay soil found in Arizona and match the best products to provide complete protection for the long haul.  Our termite soil treatments are designed to provide long term protection.  We are so confident in the services that we provide longer-term warranties and make our 3 or 5-year warranties renewable after the initial term.

If you are looking for the best protection service for your new build or construction project call the experts – Bills Pest Termite Control

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When you want the job done right call the pros @ Bill’s Pest Termite Control. We’ve used them for over 25 years with the best results.

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