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Order Termite Inspection ReportNeed to hire a Termite Inspector in the Phoenix Arizona area?  Bills Pest Termite Control can help.  We are Arizona’s Termite Experts providing an array of termite service.  We provide reports for real estate purchases, refinance, concerned homeowners, second opinions and estimates for treatment services.  Call the experts today.

“Consumers should be aware that not all termite inspectors are the same and choosing the wrong exterminator can be expensive.”

Termites are cryptic and can be difficult to detect.  Getting a yearly inspection from an experienced termite inspector can save a homeowner thousands in damage repair costs.  Reviewing an inspection report for a real estate transaction can provide valuable information in making the right purchasing decision and save you from buying a home riddled with hidden damage.

Bills Pest Termite Control provides free yearly inspections to home and business owners. If you are considering the purchase of any property in Arizona…hiring an experienced termite inspector should be a no-brainer. It takes a trained and experience exterminator to detect all 17 species of these micro sized wood eating insects and the many other wood destroying pests found in Arizona. You should consider hiring our licensed exterminators to complete your inspection report rather than a traditional home inspector. Besides having two sets of eyes looking at a home for the same price is a no-brainer.$50 Termite Inspection Report

Wood eating insect damage is not a joke. It easily exceeds damage caused to homes by tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding and is rarely covered by homeowner insurance policies. Traditional home inspectors often are not thoroughly trained to recognize existing, past history, potential termite damage nor do they have the experience to detect the presence of some of Arizona’s less common termite species. Early detection can save homeowners substantial repair costs and can be the deciding factor on whether to purchase a particular home. A traditional home inspector can do at best 1-2 pest inspections a day or an average of 5-10 pest inspections per week. An experienced termite inspector will easily average 2-3 times as many pest inspections per week. It’s easy to see that a good termite inspector is the better choice when hiring someone to inspect the home you may intend to purchase.

A good termite inspector can provide potential homebuyers with a detailed report and diagram. These reports outline any existing damage, evidence of past/present infestations and areas that are subject to future infestation(s). Areas of concern may include open access points along the foundation, areas with significant moisture deposits and wood in contact with the soil. A professional exterminator can assist in correcting areas that pose a potential for future infestation.

The results of these reports should not necessarily deter a home buyer from purchasing the home in question. The home buyer may wish to review the past history and ensure they have some type of protection should termites re-infest after the transaction is completed. Negotiations may be entered into between buyers and sellers to arrange for further prevention and repairs to be made by the seller prior to sale. Sellers may also negotiate on price if termite damage is found.

New homeowners are advised to arrange for yearly inspections regardless of previous history. Because Arizona is home to several species of termites that have different methods of invading a structure preventative type treatments are not recommended.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator specializing in the detection and treatment of all types of wood destroying insects found in Arizona. We are Arizona’s termite experts! For more information about termite inspection report services or termite inspector give us a call.

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