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Best Termite Inspection Sun City Arizona – Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Termite Inspection Sun City exterminator.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  We provide an array of termite services.  Let us be your Sun City termite exterminator. #1 Sun City Termite Inspector Service.

“If you don’t consider termites as much of a threat…consider consumers spend billions of dollars every year on termite related services and damage repair.” 

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sun city termite inspectionTermites…for those in the know it’s a word that can strike terror and fear into homeowners with just a mention. In Arizona they are by far the most destructive insect in the state and consumers across the country spend billions of hard earned dollars every year on damage repairs and related eradication services.  With at least 17 different types in Arizona alone an attack can come airborne, from underground, above ground or unknowingly brought inside hidden deep within infested wood products.

Given the cryptic nature of these micro sized wood eaters they can be difficult to detect and often the first evidence of their presence is when a homeowner stumbles across the resulting damage. If you live in the Northwest Valley finding a good termite inspection Sun City service is critical.  Getting a yearly inspection and evaluation from an experienced termite inspection Sun City exterminator is one of the best defenses against these critters.

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Bills Pest Control is your hometown termite inspection Sun City service and provides free yearly inspections for homes in the northwest valley.

Inspections take a short time but can be very revealing. Consumers should be aware there is more to the inspection than walking around the outside of a home looking for termite tubes.  In fact Arizona is home to several types of termites and only a few build the mud tunnels that many associate with the presence of these critters.

One of the most destructive termites found in North America is the Western Drywood species and they can be found scattered throughout the northwest valley. This species does not build mud tubes nor does it live in the ground.  Few termite inspection Sun City exterminators have the experience and/or certification to deal with these critters.

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Pest Control trained techniciansIf you’re considering the purchase of any structure in Arizona it’s a pretty darn good idea to get an inspection report in order to avoid buying a termite nightmare. A thorough termite inspection Sun City report can provide valuable information that can assist consumers with making the right purchasing decision.

Not only will a report alert you to the presence of these critters and visible damage it can also contain information concerning past infestations and treatments. Conditions conducive to future infestation should be reported.  Often correcting these conditions can be enough to keep the termites away.  For more information about termite inspection Sun City services or to schedule a free evaluation give us a call.

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Our initial inspection today was great! I had a lot of questions and made some changes to the planned treatment. Kurtis was great. He was patient, honest and helped answer all my questions.

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Over the years, we have used many national termite control services and Bill's is THE BEST!