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Arizona termite inspection report WDIIRBuying a new home can be a bittersweet mixture of excitement and stress. It seems that finding the right home is the exciting part…negotiating the purchase and lining up financing can be when stress levels peak. A real estate transaction can be a complicated process, involving numerous contracts and financial agreements between the buyers and sellers, and their respective real estate agents. To successfully complete this process, you should understand the lender may require a termite inspection report (wood-destroying organisms report) to explain a home’s termite condition.

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There is no Arizona law that requires a termite inspection for a real estate purchase, so if the lender does not require a termite report knowledgeable buyers understand the importance of getting one. You also should review the common agreement between the current homeowner and his/her pest control company that addresses retreat and repair fees that may be required to fix any termite damage. Most real estate agreements in Arizona provide a clause that makes the seller responsible for corrective costs related to termites. This clause may be changed to put the burden of cost with the buyer. Be sure to carefully review the purchase contract before signing.

Arizona WDIIR Inspection Reports

Termite report in PhoenixWhen a tentative purchase agreement is made the buyer has a 10 day window to complete all necessary investigative inspections. This is the time to order the termite inspection reports or WDIIR (Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report). The results of the inspection report should provide the buyer with all the information necessary (concerning wood destroying insects) to make a proper buying decision.

Home buyers are advised to order the inspection early to provide time for follow up inspections and termite treatments if necessary. Sellers are required to disclose all known termite history prior to the 10 day inspection period. The key is “all known.” Often termite history goes beyond the current owner (seller) and records with the State of Arizona only go back 5 years. A good termite inspector will find and report evidence of previous termite control.

Arizona Termite Reports

inspection reports wdiirMost real estate agents will order the termite inspection as a courtesy to their client. Seasoned home buyers who understand the importance of a good inspection usually forego this service and hire their own service. The average real estate agent does little to investigate the experience and reputation of an exterminator. Rather they make their selection based upon the price of service and availability. This flawed logic does little to sooth a client who was saved a few bucks up front and now faces several thousand dollars worth of damage repair. In a healthy real estate market…good termite inspectors are busy, the best are booked and the rest are available at a moment’s notice.

A simple Google search can put a home buyer on the right trail of finding a termite inspector. Customer reviews, a visit to the Arizona BBB and the Office of Pest Management site should provide enough information to most consumers.

Trusted Termite Inspectors

termite inspectorConsumers should know that not all termites in Arizona are the same. Some termites will invade from underground, others from above ground, and some via flight while others maybe imported within infested wood. Treatment methods will vary by species. Not all species of termites can be eliminated with one type of treatment. Believe it or not some species may not require the application of pesticides. If a termite inspection reports an infestation the buyer should find out the species and review treatment options.

Home buyers should review all termite inspection reports and not be afraid to ask questions. Often areas of a home may be inaccessible at the time of inspection. Buyers should consider ordering a follow up inspection(s) to have these areas checked. If evidence of previous treatment is recorded they buyer may consider contacting that exterminator to review records and check if any warranty is available.

What are conditions conducive?

Like any other insect that lives in the desert, termites need moisture, shelter and food (the wood in your home). Areas that provide an abundance of these needs generally will attract termites. Wood in contact with the soil is like putting out food for a stray cat…eventually termites will show up. Areas around a home with excess moisture will attract all types of insects including termites. Conditions conducive to future termite infestation should be reported on an inspection report. Buyers may consider having the seller correct these conditions as a stipulation to purchase.

Do I need a termite treatment?

Certainly if evidence of termite activity is noted a buyer should request a complete termite treatment as a condition of purchase. Some lenders may require a treatment. If no termite evidence is noted on the report the buyer should consider asking for a one year warranty, so if termites do surface after the purchase they are not shelling out hundreds of dollars in treatment costs. Generally, a one year warranty can be purchased for about $150.

What type of termite treatment?

Some species of termites such as Western Dry wood termites, depending upon the severity of infestation, can be eliminated with an isolated (Spot) treatment only. Infestations involving native subterranean termites should be a complete termite treatment. Spot termite treatments for this species may save the seller money, but will result in costing the buyer down the road with continued infestations and damage.

What should a Arizona termite inspection report cost?

Good termite inspectors will charge $50-$150 in the Phoenix metro area. Home inspectors began offering termite inspections about 10 years ago as a means to distinguish their service from competitors. For many this has proven to be a disaster as termite related claims increased.

Inspection reports should include the State of Arizona WDIIR form and a detailed diagram. Reports are generally available on the date of inspection and can be emailed. Termite inspectors must file the report with the Office of Pest Management and pay a TARF (Termite Action Reporting Fee) within 30 days of the inspection. An online database is available for consumers with history up to five years for properties in Arizona.

Should I have the home inspector do the termite report?

NO…it’s always better to have two sets of eyes look at a home. The average termite inspector in has 5-8 times more experience than a home inspector. Because of the complexity of inspecting a home, the average inspector completes 1.5 inspections a day. An average termite inspector completes 5-8 inspections a day. Few home inspectors have the experience to detect the subtle signs of infestation from many of the less common types of termites. Using a home inspector to complete a termite inspection is like using your dentist to treat a broken leg.

For more information about termite inspection reports WDIIR services give us a call today.  We are ready to help!

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Arizona WDIIR Inspection Report
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