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“Termites…turning Dream homes into nightmares one day at a time!”

Home buyers should be aware that their dream home can become a nightmare without a thorough termite inspection from an experienced exterminator. Termites… a frightening and somewhat powerful word that no one wants to think or hear about. A word you especially don’t want to hear when buying or selling a home.

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It has the power to stop a real estate purchase “dead in its tracks.” Such a simple insect that can cause so much damage to not only your home, but your peace of mind. It’s not uncommon to see real estate deals worth millions of dollars cancelled merely because of their presence.

Termites are a problem that many people encounter when buying or selling a home here in Mesa Az. The number one thing to remember is you do not want to be caught off guard! Termites are sly insects that cryptically work to destroy your home from the inside out. More times than not, they don’t make themselves known until the damage is quite extensive. Hiring a termite inspection report Mesa Az service should be a no-brainer before purchasing any property.

Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s termite experts specializing in the detection and elimination of all types of termites in Mesa Az. We provide same day termite inspection report Mesa Az services for real estate transactions, refinance, and VA loans. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to detect current/past evidence of termite infestation(s) and will point out conditions around the home that are conducive to future infestation. Our inspectors pay special attention to detail and provide as much information as possible so you can make the right buying decision.

Termites in Mesa Az

Mesa is home to all 17 species of Arizona termites and because of differences it takes a trained/experienced exterminator to detect their presence. Most Mesa exterminators are familiar with looking for termite tubes along the foundation of a home. Few have the experience to detect the subtle signs of infestation for less common types of Arizona termites. Hiring the wrong termite inspection report Mesa Az service can be a costly mistake.

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Pest Control trained techniciansBills Pest Termite Control has been a trusted exterminator in Mesa Az for three generations. Buying a home can be stressful. Buying a home with termites can be a nightmare. Many realtors look at the termite report as just another item to check off their “to-do” list so they can close the deal and get paid. Thinking they are doing the client (buyers) a favor by finding the cheapest inspector available is an active ingredient to creating a termite nightmare.

If you intend to buy the best home for you and your family…why take a chance? Hire an expert – Bills Pest Termite Control 480.831.0544. For more information about termite inspection report Mesa Az services give us a call.

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  • Termite Inspection Report Mesa Az

Perry T via Kudzu

Bill’s Termite is awesome, I am some happy with the service.

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Mesa Termite Inspector

Hats off to Bill's Pest & Termite.

The technician that came out was one if not the best. Mike went above and beyond, he made sure all my questions were answered and even some small pointers on how to reduce my problem. I wouldn't go any where else. When we followed him around the house he was on top of it had someone tell me i couldn't follow or watch what they were doing.Reassuring me that everything was safe for my fur friend.. Thank and i will see you again.