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Order Free Termite InspectionTermite Inspection Litchfield Park Az – Looking for a Litchfield termite inspector? We can help! Everyday 1000s of homeowners come under attack from at least one of the different types of termites found in Arizona.  Even more frightening is that because of the cryptic nature of many of these species some of these infestations will go months, years or decades before they are discovered.  Often the first sign of a problem is when years of damage suddenly becomes visible to the human eye.  Using a termite inspection Litchfield Park service can be your best protection against certain destruction.

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“The best protection against termite damage is a yearly inspection.” 

termite inspection litchfield park azArizona is home to at least 17 different types of these micro sized insects.  Each species is unique and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  It takes a trained and experience exterminator to detect the subtle signs of infestation by many of these types.  More common subterranean types of termites are usually easily detected by the presence of the mud tubes (tunnels) that are often seen on the outside foundation.  Unfortunately not every species builds mud tubes or lives in the ground.  In fact one of the most destructive types of termites found in Arizona invades via flight and lives deep within the wood they infest.  Doing a “self check” for these critters by inspecting the outside foundation will rarely reveal the presence of this type of termites.

Finding a good termite inspection Litchfield Park service and getting a yearly check is the best defense plan for homeowners.  Most exterminators provide free yearly termite inspections.  Spending money on preventative type services can be a waste of money since effective treatment methods vary by target species.  Treating the soil around the foundation of a home provides little protection, if any, for many types of termites.  Preventative type services often leave homeowners with a false sense of security while needlessly exposing a household to harsh chemicals.

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Pest Control trained techniciansConsumers considering the purchase of any property are best served by getting an inspection from an experienced termite inspection Litchfield Park exterminator.  A thorough inspection can provide valuable information for making the right purchasing decision.  A good exterminator will be able to detect termite activity both current and in the past, conditions conducive to future infestation, visible damage, and evidence of previous treatment services.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown exterminator providing a full range of termite services including termite reports and inspections.  For more information about termite inspection Litchfield Park services give us a call.

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