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Order Termite Inspection ReportTermite Inspection Glendale Az – Looking for Termite Inspection Glendale Az services? Need a Glendale Termite Report? We can help! Get service today from Arizona’s Termite Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control – #1 Glendale Termite Inspector.

Our services are affordable.  If you are in need of a inspection report for the purchase of a home in Glendale Arizona, a second opinion or free yearly inspection call us today.

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glendale termite inspectorWhen professionals in any field agree on something chances are good it’s solid advice.  Experienced exterminators recommend that every home in Arizona be inspected for at least once a year and if your considering the purchase of any structure getting a termite report from a good termite inspection Glendale Az service is wise investment.

When it comes to these critters and their destruction Arizona has a national reputation.  Glendale is an important part of that as it is home to 17 different types including one of the most destructive found in North America. It’s no wonder that termite inspection Glendale Az services are in demand.

To most consumers a termite is a termite and they are bent on eating a house to the ground. Other than sharing a common name and having an appetite for wood each species has different nesting habits and attack from different locations.  In fact not all termites will be a threat to your home and some can be eliminated without the use of pesticides.

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A good termite inspection Glendale Az has experienced inspectors that know how to identify each species.  Consumers should use caution when selecting an exterminator.  Almost every inspector can spot the tell tale signs of a subterranean termite infestation be spotting mud tubes or tunnels along the outside of a home’s foundation.  These signs are common and easy to spot.  Few have the experience and/or training to detect the subtle signs of infestation by less common types.  This can be an expensive mistake.

Most Glendale termite inspection companies provide free yearly inspections.  They are recommended for every homeowner especially those living in homes that have been recently treated or have a history of infestation(s).  Consumers in newly constructed homes are often left with a false sense of security thinking the soil under their foundation was treated and they are protected.  This type of treatment does not provide protection against all types of termites and they should be inspected yearly if they want to avoid damage.

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Pest Control trained techniciansWhen considering the purchase of any structure getting a Glendale termite report can be a valuable tool in making the final decision.  Hiring the right termite inspection Glendale Az service can be the difference in getting your dream or nightmare home. 

Glendale termite inspection reports can alert you to current and/or past infestations, damage, existing services/warranties, and conditions that may be conducive to future infestation.  If activity is noted a proposal for eradication is usually attached to the report.  Consumers should consider requesting warranties for homes in high risk areas or with a history of service.  For more information about termite inspection Glendale Az services or to order a free evaluation give us a call. #1 Glendale Termite Report.

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glendale termite inspection

Termite Inspection Glendale Az
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Reggie E via Bing

We were so impressed with Bill’s Pest Control when they did the inspection on our home that we hired them to do the report for our new home.  Professional service and detailed inspection report.

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by ReCardo D via Kudzu on Bills Pest Termite Control
Glendale Termite Inspection

Inspector arrived on time for the scheduled appointment. He was thorough and the detailed report was delivered to title as promised.