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Order Termite Inspection ReportTermite Inspection for Home Purchase – Need a Termite Inspection for Home Purchase? Call the experts – Bills Pest Termite Control. We can help. Our trained and experienced inspectors can provide a complete report and diagram containing the necessary information to help make the right purchasing decision.  Most reports are $50 when paid the day of inspection or $65 when billed thru escrow.  We provide same day service and will send an electronic copy of the report.

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Purchasing a home in the Phoenix area? Need a termite inspection for home purchase? There’s a good chance you or the lender will make the sale contingent upon a satisfactory inspection for wood destroying insects. Currently there is no Arizona law that mandates a termite inspection for real estate transactions in Arizona. Given Arizona’s termite reputation…requesting one prior to making the final buying decision is wise.

Although the inspection looks for signs of damage and infestation from all types of wood-damaging insects, the standard report form used to present the results is often referred to as a “termite report.” This report lists the state requirements and the limitations of the inspection along with the type of findings that must be disclosed. Licensed termite inspectors are held liable for the accuracy of the report for the date of inspection only. Generally lenders will not accept a report that is more than 30 days old. Wise home buyers understand that a termite infestation can appear practically overnight. Newer termite inspection for home purchase reports reduce the risk of buying a home with termites.

Expert Termite Inspectors

termite inspectorTermite inspectors should evaluate all accessible areas of the property where infestation may occur, including the attic and crawlspace(s) for signs of activity (past and/or present) along with signs of infestation such as shelter tubes, pinholes, galleries, fecal droppings, exit holes, and tube stains. In addition, the inspector checks for visible damage to wood and other structural materials caused by wood destroying insects. Inspectors should also note conditions that are conducive to infestation such as wood in contact with the soil, stucco to grade and excessive moisture. Lenders may require that conditions conducive listed on the termite inspection for home purchase report be corrected as a condition of the loan.

Phoenix Termite InspectionThe inspector should list any evidence that a home has been previously treated for insect infestation(s). Such evidence may include drill scars in abutting slabs or foundation, treatment notices, records or warranties. The Arizona’s Seller Disclosure Form requires homeowners to disclose known termite history. The inspector may take the disclosure information into consideration if making treatment recommendations. Buyers are encouraged to share disclosure information prior to the termite inspection.

Arizona Termite Reports

Treatment is required for FHA and VA financing when the inspection finds evidence of activity. When the inspector finds evidence of subterranean termite infestation, he/she may recommend treatment even if there’s no sign of active infestation in the structure itself. The inspector also might recommend treatment for a previously treated home when there’s evidence of subterranean termites and previous service(s) were selected or spot treatments even if there’s no sign of current activity. If treatment is required the purchase contract usually requires the seller to bare responsibility for the cost of treatment. The buyer wants to ensure that they select the termite company so as to serve the interests of getting a proper treatment and service warranty.

termite inspectionThe inspector is not required to check areas that are inaccessible or that have limited access, but the termite inspection for home purchase report should list those areas. The buyer should consider having the areas made accessible and ordering a follow up inspection. Common obstructions include cabinets and shelving, furniture, appliances, stored items, packed moving boxes and wall/floor coverings. Clutter, access and standing water are among the conditions that may render crawl spaces inaccessible.

The buyer has 10 days to act upon the findings of a termite inspection report. The report should be ordered ASAP to allow time for re-inspection(s) and request records if necessary. If treatment is agreed upon, the inspector should provide a supplemental report noting if proper treatment methods were used, provide warranty information and record the infestation is no longer active.

Arizona Termite Experts

Termite report in PhoenixWhen selecting a termite company for treatment the buyer should research the license status of the exterminator along with any customer reviews. Additionally the buyer should review the terms of the service agreement. Most service agreements include a one year renewable warranty that includes no-charge service in the event of reinfestation. Multiple year warranties can be purchased, however buyers should be sure that includes yearly inspections. One pit-fall is many exterminators provide 5 year warranties up front, but do not offer provisions beyond the warranty period requiring homeowners to purchase a new treatment every five years. This can be expensive over the long haul.

Home buyers are advised to have their home inspected at least once a year for termites, regardless of whether evidence is noted on the termite report. Termites can invade most any home overnight and a large colony can go years undetected. It takes a trained and experienced termite inspector to discover the subtle signs of infestation left by Arizona termites. Need more information about termite inspection for home purchase?

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Termite Inspection Report

Termite Inspection for Home Purchase
  • Termite Inspection for Home Purchase

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