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Order Free Termite InspectionTermite Inspection Ahwatukee Az – Looking for a good Ahwatukee termite inspector? We can help! Let’s face it when it comes to termites Arizona has a nationwide reputation.  Just like anywhere along the sunbelt warm summers and mild winters make ideal conditions for the little critters.  Whether you currently own or you’re considering the purchase of a home finding a good termite inspection Ahwatukee WDIIR service should be a priority. #1 Ahwatukee Termite Inspection Report Service – Bills Pest Termite Control.

To most outside the “termite world” the little monsters are all the same and they are hell-bent on destroying homes.  Unfortunately they are not all the same.  In fact Arizona is home to at least 17 unique types.  Our termites come in all sizes, shapes, colors and have different nesting habits.  Your home can be invaded from outside, underground, via flight or inadvertently brought in hidden within infested wood.

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“Before purchasing any property getting a complete termite inspection should be a no-brainer.” 

Order Termite Inspection ReportMost exterminators are only familiar with the more common types and few have the training and/or experience to detect the subtle signs of infestation by less common species. Missing a hidden infestation is a recipe for disaster and can leave an unsuspecting homeowner with a false sense of security while their home is being damaged.  Finding a good Ahwatukee termite inspector service is a must.

When considering the purchase of any property hiring a termite inspection Ahwatukee service should be a must. While there is no state law requiring an inspection most lenders will require it as a condition of the loan.  If not required consumers are best served spending the $50 to get one.

A termite inspection report can provide valuable information and help the buyer make the right purchasing decision.  A complete inspection may note evidence of current and/or past activity, existing damage, and conditions conducive to future infestation.  Consumers are advised to review the entire report and ask questions prior to signing off.

Homes recently serviced or with a history should be inspected at least once a year.  The inspection will provide notice if the service is still effective and alert the homeowner to infestation by other types of termites.  Most termite inspection Ahwatukee exterminators will provide yearly inspections free of charge.

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ahwatukee termite inspectorWith the threat of infestation looming homeowners may consider proactive services like preventative treatments.  This can be a waste of money, leave the consumer with a false sense of security and needlessly expose the household to harsh chemicals.  Because termites are so different treating for one type may not provide protection against the many other species.  Unfortunately there is not one treatment method that provides 100% protection against all types of termites in Arizona.

Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown termite inspection Ahwatukee service.  We provide free inspections and evaluations for all types of termites in Arizona.  For more information about Ahwatukee WDIIR termite inspection services give us a call.

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Ahwatukee Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection Ahwatukee Az
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  • Termite Inspection Ahwatukee Az

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TJ did a great job at our residence and tidied up before leaving which was a very good impression for me and my wife. Thanks for a well job done.

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From our initial appointment with Travis to explain all the details of his service to the Very thorough completion of the job... We couldn’t be more pleased! This is our third Termite Company! It will be the one we will stay with! Very Professional!!