Termites in Phoenix

“If you live in Phoenix and your home doesn’t already have termites maybe you need a better termite inspector!”

Termite Treatment quoteTermites in Phoenix rank high on the list of destructive pests in Arizona because they often hide in silence until they’ve caused significant structural damage to your home or business. Everyday 1000s of homes across the valley are secretly invaded by Arizona termites. Most homeowners will not discover the hidden damage until it’s too late. Without a professional termite inspection from an experienced Phoenix exterminator they can go undetected for years.

All 17 species of Arizona termites can be found across the Valley of the Sun. Mild winter weather, combined with a wet spring and monsoon season make our desert environment conducive to high termite pressure. Homes built in the desert provide additional food sources, moisture and shelter from the desert heat.

Termites in Phoenix are adaptive insects that require food, moisture, and shelter in order to thrive. Unfortunately, homes and commercial buildings provide a great source of all three for termites in Phoenix. The reason that termites in Phoenix are so destructive is because they feed on the wood framing and trim that holds your home together.

Phoenix termite colonies usually set up shop in one of two scenarios; subterranean termites establish nests in the soil, where they’ll work tirelessly to build an underground network of tunnels with access to the wood in your home or business. Drywood termites fly about infesting neighborhood trees and eventually the wood of your home. Drywood termites live and thrive in the wood they consume and are not usually affected by foundation type treatments used to control subterranean termites.

Termite treatment methods for termites in Phoenix are as different as the termites themselves. Detection of all species requires an experienced termite inspector familiar with all types of termites in Phoenix.

Good Termite Inspector = Best Defense


Order Free Termite InspectionConsult Arizona’s Termite Experts ->Bills Termite Control— Since Arizona termites represent a silent and significant threat to your home or commercial building, we recommend having your home inspected at least once a year by an experienced termite inspector who can expertly detect the presence of all species and point out conditions conducive to future infestation.

Bills Termite Control has been a trusted Phoenix exterminator for three generations. Recommended by local realtors, title companies, home inspectors and used by other Phoenix exterminator services when they encounter an infestation beyond their means. We provide free termite inspection Phoenix services, estimates and second opinions.

Phoenix Exterminator Tips

Control moisture and shelter around your home — Termites need moisture and shelter from our desert heat in order to survive and unfortunately, many residential and commercial buildings provide a number of moisture sources for termites to set up shop, such as leaky faucets, pipes, and air-conditioning units. Plants near your foundation provide moisture and shelter for termites in Phoenix. Do your best to ensure that your building is as moisture-free as possible.

Eliminate and control food sources — Firewood, lumber, paper, tree stumps, and wooden decks may look harmless enough to you, but it’s basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for Arizona termites. Do your best to keep these items as far from the foundation of your home as possible. For immovable wooden pieces like fences or decks, make sure that you’re actively checking for signs of damage and consider having exposed wood treated.

Order a FREE TERMITE INSPECTION online today or if you have termites get a “no hassle” TERMITE TREATMENT QUOTE. If you see any of these signs and are worried that you might have termites, contact Bills Termite Control for a free estimate! For more information about termites in Phoenix give us a call.

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Termites in Arizona