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Best Termite Control New River Az – Got termites? We can help! Get rid of the termites today with expert service from Bills Termite Control New River.  We provide an array of termite services from inspections to eradication.  Call us today and we can get your back to living in a pest-free home. #1 Termite Treatment New River Az Exterminator Service.

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“Attempting to control termites on your own is not recommended.” 

Termites are considered Arizona’s number one pest. In fact, homeowners across the state spend millions of dollars every year on damage repair and other related services.  It’s hard to believe that such a little bug can bring so much grief and put such a dent in a homeowner’s budget.

If you own a home you will likely encounter these micro-sized wood eaters sooner rather than later.  When you do…do not panic…they are not going to eat you out of a house overnight and depending upon the species…it may take a while to do much damage.

Should you live in the north valley and have the little monsters…or suspect you might have them it’s best to call a professional termite control New River exterminator to get a free evaluation.  Attempting to control termites on your own is not recommended.

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Arizona TermitesArizona is home to at least 17 different types of termites and most can be found in the New River areas.  Depending upon the species your home can be invaded by air, above ground, below ground or inadvertently brought inside your home is hidden within wood products.  Just as each species is different so are the methods used to eradicate these critters.  A professional termite control New River exterminator should be able to properly identify the invading species and prescribe a custom service designed to eliminate the current infestation and provide years of protection.

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Pest Control trained techniciansImproper identification can result in spending hard-earned money for a worthless service while needlessly exposing your household to harsh chemicals.  Unfortunately, this scenario plays out daily for unsuspecting homeowners.  Before considering just any termite control New River service consumers are best served with proper identification of the target species and a plan specific to that type of termite.

If you have termites…or suspect you might have the critters secretly attacking your home…give your hometown termite control New River service a call for a free inspection and evaluation.  Our trained inspectors will check your property thoroughly and provide a written diagram showing areas under attack.  We can prescribe a custom service specific to the type of invaders and that will provide long term protection.  If no critters are found we can point out conditions conducive to future infestation and offer suggestions to correct these areas.  Often correcting these conditions is enough to keep the critters away.

For more information about termite control New River services or to schedule a free evaluation give us a call today. #1 Termite Treatment New River Az Exterminator Service.

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Bill’s Pest & Termite took care of all my termite issues, when termites came back a year later due to the city digging up my yard they were back here in a heartbeat. Will definitely be keeping my service with them! Affordable and you can continue to renew the warranty.

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