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Termite Treatment quoteBest Termite Control Litchfield Park Az – Getting termites is a bummer…but nowhere as bad as getting them and not knowing for years or decades.  While that may sound strange, unfortunately that scenario plays out everyday across the valley.  Finding the critters early on can save 1000s in damage repair costs and retains a home’s resale value.  If and when these little micro size insects are discovered it’s critical to find a good termite control Litchfield Park exterminator. #1 Litchfield Park Termite Treatment Exterminator – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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The average homeowner has no idea that there are many different types of termites.  Most believe they are all the same and they will destroy a home if left unchecked.  While all feed on cellulose type materials each species is unique.  They come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Some nest in the ground, some at ground level, while other types may live deep within the wood they infest.  Arizona is home to at least 17 unique types of these critters and knowing the differences is critical to successful eradication.  Effective termite control Litchfield Park services must be specific to the target species.

While every species found in the west valley likes to eat cellulose material, not every type is a threat to attack your home.  Spending hundreds to thousands of dollars for the wrong treatment method and unnecessarily exposing your household to harsh chemicals is a bummer.  Unfortunately it happens every day to unsuspecting consumers.

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Before considering any termite control Litchfield Park service homeowners are best served getting a thorough inspection from an experienced exterminator.  While almost every termite exterminator is familiar with the more common subterranean type termites, few have the experience to detect other species and/or properly identify the different subterranean types.

An experienced exterminator can properly identify target species and locate all areas of infestation.  With this information a proper service can be prescribed based upon the target species, area to be treated, surrounding environment and construction style of the structure.  For more information about termite control Litchfield Park or termite treatment Litchfield Park services give us a call.

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Our home was treated by Bill’s Pest & Termite in 1999 and we have not had one termite issue since then. Great service.

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