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Termite Control in Phoenix Az – Stop the infestation today! Get termite control in Phoenix Az services today. If you own a home in Arizona it’s a foregone conclusion that you will eventually need an exterminator. Bugs of all types are everywhere and depending upon the evaluation they may be everywhere year round. In the Phoenix area termites in particular should be of concern to the average homeowner. The business of termite control in Phoenix Az has always been healthy and continues to grow.

Not all termites are the same. In fact Arizona is home to at least 17 different types. Each species comes in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and has its own unique habits. Some invade via flight and nest above ground in the wood they invest. Other species nest underground and invade from outside or underground while some homeowners are invaded when they inadvertently bring in infested wood.

Phoenix Termite TreatmentTermites create billions of dollars worth of damage every year. Across the valley 1000s of homes come under attack every day. Because of the cryptic nature of this menace many of these infestations will not be discovered for years or possibly decades. Often the first sign of infestation is when a homeowner discovers the resulting damage.

“If you own a home in Phoenix sooner or later you will need a termite exterminator.”

It’s a foregone conclusion that area homeowners will need protection. When you first believe you’re under attack the initial reaction is going to be panic. You remember as a kid, when you saw termites in a cartoon they were always like a whirlwind of destruction. Quickly swarming and eating it until there is nothing left. This is a good time to remember that cartoons are not real, and although destructive if left untreated, Arizona termites will take a bit longer to eat an entire home. If you live in Phoenix and you have termites there is no need to rush into a decision about getting rid of these pests. Think about the best course of action seek professional advice from a termite control in Phoenix Az service and make the best decision.

The first step is to get a termite inspection. If you think you have them it would be smart to call a professional exterminator to evaluate your problem. Be wary as some exterminators will use the natural fear that people have of these pests to take advantage of a situation. They may exaggerate the problem to get more money from you, or they may simply charge you a lot more than they should, because you are willing to pay any amount of money to get rid of your problem.

termite control in phoenix arizonaBecause each species is so different the level of threat to your home will vary. In fact some infestations can be eliminated without the application of pesticides and/or by correcting conditions conducive to nesting.

If no termites are found an experienced termite exterminator will point out conditions that are conducive to nesting and offer correction suggestions. Eliminating conditions that might attract termites is a solid investment and by itself be enough to keep the critters away. In most cases if no evidence is found treatment should not be advised.

Because termites are so different preventative type services are not generally a wise investment. Spending hard earned money on a service that may…or may not protect your home is not advised. Such services will needlessly expose you, your family and pets to harsh pesticides and leave a false sense of security.

Consumers are better served by getting yearly inspections from a professional familiar with all types of Arizona termites. Homeowners should be aware that while most exterminators are familiar with the signs of infestation by most subterranean type termites (mud tubes, galleries, and pin holes); few have the experience to detect the subtle signs of infestation by less common species.

Not all termite control services are the same. Many only deal with the more common native species subterranean termites and have little, if any knowledge about all the species of termites found in Phoenix. Before starting any termite control service a complete inspection and evaluation should be completed. An experienced termite inspector should provide a detailed diagram of your home identifying all locations of infestation and the type(s) of termites found.

termite control phoenixSince not all termites are the same and termite treatment methods to control them will vary by species a custom service should be prescribed based upon a thorough termite inspection. Custom termite treatment services should consider the construction type of your home, cosmetic obstructions and the surrounding environment. Choosing the best product ensures the safety of occupants and provides years of protection against re-infestation.

As with any competitive industry termite treatment costs can vary for the exact same home and species from one termite exterminator to another. In general larger, national termite exterminator companies have higher overhead and smaller termite exterminator (one or two man) companies have little. The trade off is smaller companies tend to disappear more often leaving homeowners to fend for themselves. Depending upon the species the average Termite treatment in Phoenix is $500 to $800 with a decent warranty. Phoenix homeowners are cautioned against termite exterminator services offering rock bottom prices, or we will beat any price offers. Typically these exterminators provide less than complete termite treatment service, “no drill” service and/or less effective termiticides. Another ploy is to offer extended warranties (5-15 years) and use cheap products provide short term residual.

Consumers are advised that it is important to have yearly follow up inspections after the initial service. These inspections can determine if re-infestation has occurred or if another species has started an attack. Remember no service provides 100% protection against all species of Arizona termites.

Bills Termite Control in Phoenix Az service has been a trusted exterminator for three generations. Recommended by local realtors and title companies we are the experts other exterminators call in when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. We provide free yearly termite inspections, evaluations, estimates for termite treatment services and inspection reports for real estate transactions.

With Bills Termite Treatment you can trust that we will only offer the service(s) you need. No up selling, hidden fees or unnecessary services will be offered. Our services are complete and we use the safest, most effective products designed to provide long term protection.

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