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Termite Control Fountain Hills Az  – As if owning a home is not stressful enough…termites can take that level up several notches. Fortunately getting rid of the critters does not have to be difficult. Bills Termite Control Fountain Hills Az provides consumers with a stress free response to eradicating termites. Family owned and locally operated we are Arizona’s Termite Experts. If you have a problem with termites or merely suspect one, give us a call today. We can help! #1 Fountain Hills Termite Treatment Exterminator.

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termite control fountain hillsConsumers spend billions of hard earned dollars every year on termite eradication and associated repairs. The tab for termites easily exceeds the cost of all other natural disaster repairs combined. In Arizona the threat of attack is real. In fact long time residents will tell you “it’s not a question of if you will get them; rather it’s more of a question as to when will you get them.”

Bills Termite Control Fountain Hills Az has been providing solutions to this menace for over three generations. Our services are designed to immediately stop the infestation and provide long term protection against re-infestation. Our experience and expertise allows us to customize a solution for any infestation.

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Arizona TermitesArizona is a termite haven. Mild winter temperatures combine with spring rains and our infamous monsoon season to make ideal conditions for these insects. Areas like Fountain Hills that were once virgin Arizona desert with mild termite pressure and hot beds for termite activity. Competition for limited food sources, moisture and shelter from the brutal Arizona sun kept populations in check. New construction in the desert provided insects increased opportunities to find food sources, moisture and shelter. As a result termite populations are soaring in Fountain Hills.

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Pest Control trained techniciansThe dominate species in Fountain Hills is the subterranean termite species Heterotermes. This species is rarely found beyond the borders of the Sonoran Desert. Like most subterranean type termites they nest in the ground. In particular this species likes to nest under concrete slabs. This provides a source of moisture, protection from the heat and predatory insects. Given their small size entry into a home can be made via plumbing voids, expansion joints, and stress cracks or by tunneling up the outside foundation.

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fountain hills exterminatorCommon signs of their presence can include small string like mud tunnels on the outside stem wall. Those same tunnels may also appear in the garage coming out of expansion joints in the concrete floor.

Eradicating this pest requires establishing a continuous barrier around the outside foundation, drilling through abutting concrete slabs and injecting a good termiticide. Exposed expansion joints and stress cracks should also be serviced. Precise application is critical to eliminating this pest. Yearly follow up inspections are necessary.

Bills Termite Control Fountain Hills Az is family owned and locally operated. We provide safe, effective services at affordable rates. Most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind. If the termites come back, we come back.

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Jerry & Lisa M via NextDoor

Bought a home that had a history with termites, and the previous owner had used Bill’s Pest & Termite Control. Well, we had a spot resurface within a year of being here and Bill’s was quick to respond, and did a thorough check all around while they were here. Definitely going to keep this policy current!

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We are very happy with Bill's Pest & Termite Control. They came on time, were helpful, courteous and explained their procedures very well. We would definitely recommend them.