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Metro Phoenix is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and home to over 40 species of termites. Termites are without a doubt, the most destructive insects to invade a home. They’re not just annoying, but they can damage the structural integrity of your most important investment and devalue resale value. In Arizona it’s estimated that there can be anywhere from 15-25 active colonies on any given acre of land. The question is not if your home will get them but when. You have invested a lot into your home and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a good termite control company to keep them away.

“The question in Arizona is not if your home will get termites…but when?”

Bills Termite Control Company recommends that every home is Arizona be inspected at least once a year. Catching an infestation early can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in damage repairs. Bills Termite Inspection Phoenix service provides FREE TERMITE INSPECTION. Order your termite inspection Phoenix service online today.

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Being an effective Termite Control Company requires properly identifying the infesting species. A conventional treatment to eliminate subterranean termites will have little, if any impact on an infestation of Pacific Drywood termites. A misdiagnosed infestation results in a waste of money, continued damage, and a needless exposure to harsh chemicals.

Most Arizona termite inspectors are only familiar with our more common native species of termites. These termites are easily identified by the shelter tubes they construct along foundation walls and inside garages. Even less termite inspectors are familiar with the fecal pellets left by Western Drywood termites or the damage caused by Dampwood termites.

If your home has the little buggers or you suspect it may…the first step is to get a inspection that properly identifies the invading species and pin points all locations of the infestation. A good inspector will note areas that are conducive to infestation. Call our experts and we will thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with a detailed inspection report and if necessary, a proposal for service. Service quotes are always free. Order your termite treatment Phoenix quote online here.

A good termite treatment Phoenix provides for creating a continuous barrier around your home, under exposed expansion joints and stress cracks using a good product. A proper service can last for 10-15 years if the barrier is not disturbed.

Sooner or later the time will arrive when you need a termite control company in Arizona. Bills Termite Control Phoenix is family owned and operated by Arizona natives familiar with all species of termites found in the Sonoran Desert. We are experts at eliminating termite infestation with safe effective methods and products. Our long lasting termite treatments make our reasonable service rates the best value in Arizona.

When you select Bills Pest Termite Control as your exterminator you are not only protecting the value of your home…your ensuring the safety of your family and pets.

Bills Termite Control Phoenix is your hometown Arizona termite control company…we know Arizona termites! For more information about termite control company give us a call

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