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Got termites in Chandler? If so you’re not alone. Everyday hundreds of homes in the Chandler area come under attack from Arizona termites. Because of their cryptic nature many of these infestations will not be discovered for years. By then it may be too late. Left unchecked termites can damage a home in short order creating thousands of dollars worth of damage and diminish resale value. Getting termites is serious business and the demand for termite control Chandler Az services are on the increase.

Simply discovering termites and contracting for a service may not be enough. This approach can be a waste of hard earned money, lead to unnecessary exposure to harsh pesticides, and leave a homeowner with a false sense of security. Not all exterminators are experienced enough to properly identify and/or eliminate all types of termite infestations. Termites in Chandler come in all sizes, shapes and species. Not all Chandler termites are the same and effective treatment methods must be specific to the correct species. Chandler termites can invade your home from outside, underground, via flight or be carried right into your home. It’s important to understand that not all termites are the same and treatment methods will vary by species. Unfortunately there is no treatment that covers all types of infestations with one application. Treatments for Western Dry wood termites will have little effect on ground based species of termites and vice versus. Even among the ground based species effective treatment methods and termiticides will vary.

Chandler Termite ControlConsumers are cautioned to ensure they properly identify the invading species and that a thorough inspection is completed. It is not uncommon for more than one type of termite to invade the same house. Such infestations may require more than one type of termite treatment. All areas of infestation should be located along with identifying areas that are conducive to nesting termites. Correcting conditions conducive is every bit as important as the treatment and will help provide long term protection

Termite treatment Chandler services should not be cookie-cutter one size fits all. Effective treatment methods should consider the construction type of the home and surrounding environment. Limited accessibility, tile, carpet and other considerations can alter a treatment.

Need termite control Chandler Az services? Chandler termites are sensitive and easy to kill…even with the weakest pesticide. Consumers often get wrapped up in the drama of selecting the best termiticide to get the job done. This drama is usually created by sales people looking to establish an edge over competitors by having the “best” termiticide for the job. While this is somewhat important consumers are better served in the proper identification of the invading termite(s), treatment method, termite mixing and the application process. Using the “best” termiticide has little meaning if it is not mixed properly and/or applied where it will impact the termites. A Chandler termite treatment must be precise to eliminate an infestation and provide long term protection. Differences in termiticides are usually what termite(s) species they are designed for, whether they kill or repel the invaders, and how (mode of action) they kill. Some products kill upon contact, others use a transfer effect and can take 7-90 days to eliminate a colony. Even these differences are not that important in the grand scheme of getting the termites out of your house and keeping them away.

termite inspection chandler azAfter application homeowners should consider the residual factor. Paying extra money to have a termite exterminator use the “best” product can be expensive if the application only protects your home for a year or two. Consumers may be better served using another product that may not be as expensive and provides 10-15 years of effective protection. Depending upon the targeted species and areas to be treated, some products can provide even longer residual protection. Arizona clay is the dominate soil type in the Chandler area. Termiticides that perform well in different parts of the country and soil types rarely do as well in our soil type. For example Termidor which does well in the southeastern region of the United States (moist soil) does not spread well in Arizona clay and has a shorter effective residual than products like Premise 75. Consumers paying extra for this product only serve the interests of that exterminator.

Even with the best application there is a chance that the very same species can re-infest your home…or another species may attack. Consumers are advised to have their home inspected at least once a year. If a warranty is offered with your Chandler termite treatment consumers are advised to maintain the warranty. Should the home be put on the real estate market they will have to disclose the complete termite history. Having a warranty and yearly termite inspection Chandler by a professional exterminator will make the home much more marketable. Another consideration is that almost every home that gets termites…will eventually get them again. Having a warranty in place can be a life-saver.

Signs of termitesPreventative type termite treatments are not usually recommended for Chandler termites unless the consumer can accurately predict what species of termite will invade, where and when. The best protection against termite damage is a yearly termite inspection by an experienced Chandler exterminator.

Bills Chandler Termite Control is your hometown exterminator. Family owned Bills is recommended by local realtors, home inspectors, title companies and other exterminators when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills has been a trusted Chandler exterminator for three generations. With that trust comes peace of mind that every service will be done right with minimal exposure to harsh chemicals. Our prices are fair and you will only be offered the necessary services without hidden or additional charges. Most services are guaranteed so you are ensured that if your Chandler termites re-infest…we will come back. Bills Termite Control Chandler service provides free yearly inspections, termite reports for real estate transactions and Chandler termite treatment services for all species.

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