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Termite Treatment quoteBest Termite Control Arizona – When it comes to termites…Arizona has a national reputation.  Homeowners are wise to have their homes inspected for termites at least once a year and have an idea how to detect the presence of termites.  Catching an infestation early can save a homeowner thousands of dollars worth of damage repair costs and help maintain a home’s value. It’s no wonder that the termite control Arizona industry remains healthy. #1 Arizona Termite Treatment Exterminator.

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arizona termite exterminatorTermites are a small social insect that live on wood, or rather, the cellulose materials that wood is composed of. By social, this means they live in cooperative colonies of anywhere from a few hundred insects to millions, which is why termites are dangerous.

A single termite wouldn’t be any problem at all to have in your home. Because termites are cryptic and work in large numbers a colony can wreak havoc practically overnight.

“Arizona is home to some of the most destructive termites found in North America.”

There are 17 types of termites found in Arizona. Not all termites are a threat to your home so it’s important to know which species of termites can invade your home and how to detect their presence.

Arizona Termite Treatment

arizona termitesThe more common native species subterranean termite live underground and attack wood by means of tunnels they construct. As the most common termite in Arizona with the numerous colonies they are considered the most destructive. Less common is the Western Drywood termite which nests above ground and in the wood they infest.  Even though their colonies are smaller and less common they are considered by many as more destructive than subterranean termites.

Arizona Termite Control

Signs of termites in Phoenix ArizonaDesert termites are often seen in yards, on wood fences and tree trunks. They are larger in size to other types of subterranean termites and have the ability to forage under drier conditions. Desert termites are capable of invading a structure but seem to prefer attacking trees and wood fences in yards.  The subterranean termite builds mud tunnels from soil to wood. This allows them to keep contact with the soil at all times.

The desert termite’s mud tunnel is lighter in color, more circular, and narrow as compared to other types of subterranean termites. They will also build their mud tunnels as free standing tubes from the ground up. These tubes protect the termites from heat and cold they encounter above the ground. Underground the soil makes temperatures cool. They use the mud tunnels to make conditions constant.  Desert termites can also be identified by the thin sheets of mud they build on wood fences and wood left on the desert floor.

Best Protection = Termite Inspection

termite control phoenixThe best protection against termites is to have a yearly inspection by a professional familiar with all types of termites in Arizona.

A good termite inspector will provide a detailed diagram pin pointing areas of infestation(s), identify the species of termites found and prescribe a custom treatment designed to offer years of protection.

Arizona Termite Treatment Applications:

  • Non Repellent termiticides/odorless and non toxic
  • Last 10-15 years in the Arizona soil
  • Trenches are dug around the external perimeter of the structure
  • Abutting slabs, stress cracks and exposed expansion joints are treated
  • Plumbing traps and wall voids are treated with foam and/or Termidor Dry

Premise 75 – from Bayer kills termites on contact, but it also kills them at doses too small to cause immediate death. If a termite comes in contact with a very small amount of Premise 75 it will become lethargic and forget to eat and feed other termites.  Typically an Arizona termite colony is eliminated in 7-10 days.

Termidor – from BASF is unique in that it can be transferred from one termite to another through contact and trophallaxis (communal feeding). This allows it to affect more termites than those that contact the chemical directly.  Typically an Arizona termite colony is eliminated in 90-120 days.

Trusted Arizona Termite Exterminator

Bills Termite Control Arizona service has been a trusted name in extermination for nearly three decades.  Family owned and locally operated Bills is recommended by local realtors and title companies.  We are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an Arizona termite infestation beyond their means.

For more information about termite control Arizona give us a call. Arizona Pest Control. #1 Arizona Termite Exterminator.

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Jaden G via NextDoor

We just moved to Arizona and bought a new home.  Before we could get moved in the termites were coming through the walls.  Bill’s Termite was recommended by our neighbors and they did an excellent job eradicating.  Service people were friendly and helpful and the office girls were off the chart.  Good family business!

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Excellent job by Chase and his crew getting rid of our termites. The price was less than we expected and the workmanship was top-notched.