Termite and Pest Control

Termite and Pest Control

Termite and Pest ControlIt usually doesn’t take very long for new Arizona residents to discover the need for a good termite and pest control exterminator. Arizona is home to over 11,000 unique pests and 17 species of termites. Our mild winters, wet monsoon and spring seasons make areas below 4000 feet in elevation (Metro Phoenix) ideal breeding grounds for desert insects.

Desert insects thrive in areas around homes that provide moisture, food sources and protection from the desert sun. Thriving insect populations create competition and often drive insects inside seeking shelter and food. Predator type insects such as scorpions and spiders eventually follow those insects inside creating a dangerous environment. Maintaining an effective pest control service can control outside insect populations and keep critters from nesting inside while minimizing your exposure to harsh chemicals.

How often should I have my home sprayed for bugs?

We are often asked that question or “Why should I spray if I don’t see any bugs?” Maintaining outside insect populations is critical to keeping bugs from invading your home. Residual sprays are effective in providing a protective barrier around your home. Depending upon the outside temperature, rain fall, and exposure to sun light residual sprays can lose their effectiveness within hours of application. So while you may not see “bugs” it’s important to re-apply the protective barrier on a regular basis.

Termite Control – Arizona termites

When it comes to termites, Arizona has a national reputation. Seventeen different species of Arizona termites can attack your home from underground, outside, inside and/or via flight. Protective type termite control treatments are generally ineffective unless you can accurately predict the species of Arizona termites and the area that they will invade your home. The best protection against Arizona termites is to have a yearly inspection by an experienced termite control exterminator familiar with all species of termites in Arizona. A good exterminator can point out areas that are conducive to infestation and provide corrective recommendations.

Arizona’s Hometown Exterminator

No exterminator knows how to protect your home or business from Arizona pests and other unwanted critters better than Bill’s Termite and Pest Control. Family owned and locally operated we have been trusted a trusted name in Arizona termite and pest control services for three generations. Recommended by over 40,000 satisfied customers we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter a termite and pest control infestation beyond their resources.

If it creeps, flies, or crawls in Arizona, then our termite and pest control services can eliminate it!

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by Tricia Dilcox on Bills Pest Termite Control
Termite Treatment job well done!

We wanted to thank Anthony. The service to our home on 2.28.18 was appreciated. We are thankful for his professionalism, knowledge and attention to our home. Thank you Anthony!!

Termite and Pest Exterminators

found Bill's on the web. service was great and they lived up to the online reviews. great termite and pest exterminators.