Protect your home before termites invade with TermaCare

TermaCareBills Pest and Termite, Arizona’s Termite Experts, now offers subterranean termite coverage  for your new home. TermaCare Coverage starts for as little as $150 per year.  Our TermaCare coverage gives homeowners the edge when it comes to  protecting their homes against the destruction that Arizona termites cause across the Phoenix Arizona Metro Valley.  Every year our  trained termite inspectors will check your entire home inside and outside for evidence of termite activity. Our inspectors can detect new infestations and rapidly dispatch our service teams to eliminate your termite infestation before damage occurs. We can identify  areas conducive to termite infestation and advise correction methods.  During the coverage period…if termites infest your home Bills  Pest and Termite will provide treatment to the area of infestation for no charge.  If the termites come back…we come back no charge.Coverage  includes inspection and treatment of existing termite infestation(s) to your home. Coverage is for Arizona Subterranean termite infestation(s) within  the perimeter of the main house foundation of a single family dwelling. Treatments are to the area of infestation only and are no  charge during the coverage period. Coverage is for one calendar year starting on the date of agreement and can be renewed each year  thereafter upon payment of coverage fee.

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