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Get bed bug help todaySun City Arizona Bed Bug Expert – “Imagine a micro size insect that is capable of sneaking into your home or business undetected. Once inside that insect scurries into hiding patiently waiting for the sun to go down. Then hours after daylight has been replaced with darkness, the insect slithers out of hiding in search of unsuspecting humans to attack. These insects begin crawling across, around and under unsuspecting sleeping humans looking for exposed skin to puncture in order to suck the blood they depend upon for survival. After completing their attack and before daylight they slither back into hiding to wait for the next evening’s feeding. Night after night these attacks continue while the number of insects multiplies.”

Reads like something out of a Sci Fi script? Unfortunately this scenario unfolds across the United States every day and night.  Bed bug infestations have become a menace across the United States and Sun City Arizona has not been spared. In fact the demand for Sun City Arizona Bed Bug Expert services is up over 30% over last year’s record pace.

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and given the amount of travel Sun City residents engage in yearly it’s no wonder the problem is rampant.  The average call for service is related to a consumer who has recently traveled and believes they brought the problem home, or had visitors they suspect might have brought the problem to their home.

How do I tell if I have Bed BugsMost infestations start with one critter and with optimal conditions can develop into a full scale problem in as little as 90 days. Detecting an infestation can be difficult in the beginning stages, however as the problem grows the more the apparent it becomes. In severe infestations one person can feed upwards to a 1000 of these insects.

Professional Sun City Arizona bed bug expert exterminators agree that before considering any treatment a thorough inspection and evaluation should be conducted. Locating all areas of infestation is critical to achieving complete eradication. Additionally, considering the needs of the customer and viewing the surrounding environment allows the exterminator to prescribe a custom service designed to immediately stop the problem and provide long term protection.

Bed Bug Exterminator Sun City West AzTreating bed bugs is not usually a do-it-yourself project. In fact attempting elimination with strong pesticides can make the problem worse while needlessly exposing a household to harsh chemicals. It takes a professional Sun City Arizona bed bug expert to effectively eliminate an infestation.

Getting rid of bedbugs should not be difficult or expensive when you use a professional Sun City Arizona bed bug expert. Bills Pest Control is your hometown exterminator providing pest control services for all types of Arizona pests. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. Bills Pest Control provides FREE BED BUG INSPECTIONS and EVALUATIONS. For more information about our pest control Sun City services give us a call today.

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