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Do not feed the Pigeons Bills Pest Termite ControlSolar Panel Pigeon Proofing Phoenix Az – Pigeons nesting under your solar panels and making a huge mess? We can help! Get rid of the problem today with solar panel Pigeon proofing services from Arizona’s Pest Experts – Bills Pest Termite Control.  Our services are safe, effective, affordable and designed to provide long-term relief. Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az.

Roof top Solar panels are seemingly everywhere in the Phoenix area. And why not? Arizona’s endless sunshine makes rooftop solar panels a viable option for homeowners seeking to lower utility costs. Already, tens of thousands of Arizonans have installed roof top solar panels. Falling installation costs and attractive financing options will continue to draw consumer interest.

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The surge in consumer installations has create an increasing demand for roof top solar panel pigeon proofing services.  The fact is roof top solar panels create an ideal environment for birds to nest and/or roost.  The panels provide shade from our Arizona sun, protections from predator birds and easy in-and-out access.  What’s more, birds, especially Pigeons can be incredibly persistent, especially if they’ve nested under the panels for at least one season.  Since most solar panels are inches above the roof deck removing nests, nesting materials and droppings can be a challenge.

The best way to address this problem is with our solar panel Pigeon proofing service. If you’re having a problem with nesting birds under your roof-top solar system call us today for a free evaluation. Pigeon Control Phoenix Az.

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Roof top solar systems and birds are a recipe for disaster.  Nesting birds can damage the wiring needed to run the system.  Bird droppings on the panels can diminish effectiveness causing considerable energy output loss.  Nesting birds, and their droppings can clog drainage and cause roof top damage.  Getting expert solar panel Pigeon proofing services can save consumers a lot of hard-earned dollars and frustration. Authorized Bird Barrier Installers.

Our solar panel Pigeon proofing service starts with a thorough cleaning.  Removing nests, nesting materials and bird droppings are critical to achieving long-term relief.  After power spraying the service area we sanitize and remove tracking pheromones that cause the pest birds to return.

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Pest Control trained techniciansWhen the area is cleaned we install custom coated mesh completely around your system to prevent continued nesting.  Our solar panel Pigeon proofing service can provide homeowners with years of peace of mind.

If you have a concern with nesting birds around your roof top solar system give us a call today for a free inspection.  We can put you on the road to living Pigeon free. Solar Panel Bird Proofing.

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Perfect solar panel pigeon proofing service
  • Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing service

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Perfect solar panel pigeon proofing service. Jeremy & Mike did a great job and we appreciate the hardwork.

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Great Service

Hired Bill's to pigeon proof 6 of our Phoenix area locations. They know what they are doing. The services were affordable and worked. If you want to hire a company that knows what they are doing Hire Bill's