Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening

solar panel screening phoenix azSolar Panel Pigeon Control Screening Phoenix Az – Need Pigeon removal? Got Pigeons nesting under your solar panels? If so you’re not alone. Solar panels create conditions conducive to Pigeons nesting in Arizona. If you want to stop the flying rats from destroying your structure and creating a health risk, we can help. We have the expertise and experience to STOP PIGEONS NESTING UNDER SOLAR PANELS (602) 308-4510. Affordable Pigeon Proofing services.

Bill’s Pest & Termite Control is Arizona’s Pest Experts. Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  We can customize a service designed to provide immediate relief from Pest Birds. Pigeon Control Phoenix Az.

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Prior to the popularity of Solar panels Pigeons used places like roof overhangs and gutters to build nests.  Now with large areas of roof tops covered with solar panels Pigeon populations have increased as have calls for Solar panel Pigeon control screening services.

Solar panels on roof tops create ideal conditions for Pigeons to nest.  Overhead protection from predator birds, shelter from the elements, heat and the brutal Arizona sun. 

An average pigeon consumes roughly 30 grams of dry matter and 30 ml of water, daily. Do the math and a flock of just 10 pigeons can deposit up to 480 pounds of waste, annually. That represents a lot of poop on a roof.

Solar Panel Screening Phoenix Az

solar panel screening phoenix azPigeon poop is destructive. Highly acidic and corrosive, the uric acid in pigeon poop can cause irreversible damage. Bird droppings are a mixture of poop and uric acid, because birds don’t urinate to release nitrogenous waste from their blood.  Since it’s acidic, it can damage materials like car paint, concrete, and roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are particularly susceptible to damage from bird droppings. Worse, its corrosive effects can continue even after the poop is removed.

Bird droppings are solar panels can block sunlight and reduce the effectiveness of the panels. 

Nesting materials can create a water backup when it rains forcing water under the tile roof and into the ceiling below.  This is common on flat roofs and has led to roof collapse in the Phoenix area.

Pigeon Removal and Screening

pigeon removal & pigeon proofingEffectively getting rid of Pigeons should always start with a thorough cleaning.  Power spraying (4200 psi), removing nesting materials and nests is essential to long-term relief.  We clean around and under the solar panels. Pigeons mark their territory with their droppings.  Removing these tracking pheromones will reduce the chances of this pest coming back.

After cleaning and pheromone removal we install coated mesh screening around the solar panels to cut-off access to wannabe nesting birds. Our innovative system is designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from damage. Our non-penetrating system is designed to provide years of protection and can be easily removed to provide panel service.

For more information about Solar panel Pigeon Control Screening services, Pigeon Proofing or to schedule a free evaluation give us a call today.  Our three generations of experience can put you on the road to being Pigeons free. Pigeon Removal Service Phoenix Az.

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Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening
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  • Solar Panel Pigeon Control Screening


After months of battling with our solar installer they hired Bill’s Pest Control to remove the pigeons. The crew from Bill’s Pest arrived on time and performed the work exactly as we were told. They did an excellent installation and clean up. Our home looked brand new again and the pigeons were gone. Bravo! We recommend Bill’s Pest to anyone that has a problem with pigeons under their solar panels. The price was great, price was very affordable and the communications excellent. This is why we love family owned businesses. They do what they tell you.

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