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“There are two types of homes in Scottsdale…those with termites…and those that are gonna get termites.”

The likelihood of a Scottsdale homeowner getting termites has never been higher. In fact calls for Scottsdale termite treatment services continue to increase with each passing year. Scottsdale is located in the heart of our Sonorant Desert. Mild winters, wet springs and the high humidity of our monsoon season create conditions where Arizona termites would normally thrive. Consider the recent construction boom that created additional moisture and food sources (wood) and it is no wonder that termite populations are exploding in Scottsdale Arizona.

As you read this 1000’s of homeowners across the valley are unaware that termites are infesting their home causing termite damage. Three in every home we inspect has evidence of termite activity.  The ole’ saying of “it’s not if you will get these critters, rather it’s when will they attack” certainly applies to homeowners in the northeast valley. Bills Pest Termite Control recommends that every home in Scottsdale be inspected at least once a year for termites. We provide FREE YEARLY TERMITE INSPECTIONS.

Getting a yearly inspection from a experienced termite exterminator can provide an early alert and save a homeowner from the certain destruction these insects bring.  Even if no termites are detected a good inspector can point out areas around your home that are conducive to future infestation.  Correcting these conditions can be enough to keep the micro size wood eaters away.

Depending upon which “expert” you talk with…Arizona is home to 17-25 different species of termites. Not all termites are the same and treatment methods vary by species.  Not all types of these monsters require an expensive treatment service and the use of 100s of gallons in pesticide to eradicate.  Unfortunately consumers end of spending hard earned money on unnecessary services when dealing with less experienced exterminators.

Most Scottsdale exterminators are only familiar with the more common native subterranean termite which is easily identified by distinctive shelter tubes built on foundation walls or inside garages. Inexperienced exterminators often miss obvious signs of less common termites leaving unsuspecting homeowners with hidden termite damage.

If you suspect your home has termites or know you have termites…the first step is to call an experienced termite inspector and get a professional evaluation. A thorough inspection of your home inside/outside is important to properly identify the infesting termite species and pin-point the location(s) of the termite infestation. The inspector should leave you with a detailed diagram and a treatment proposal.

Do not let price be the sole determining factor. Review the treatment proposal to ensure that your entire home is going to be treated. A common trend is for termite exterminators to treat only the area of infestation or just treat the exterior of the home. Spot treatments, and/or partial treatments (outside only) leaves the rest of your home vulnerable to infestation.Termite Services Scottsdale Arizona

A proper Scottsdale termite treatment consists of creating a continuous barrier around the exterior of your home by trenching the soil and down drilling all abutting slabs. Down drilling exposed expansion joints inside your garage along with treating know stress cracks will limit the odds of future re-infestation.

Along with ensuring you get a proper Scottsdale termite treatment…know that not all termiticides are equal. Most termiticides used in Arizona can be classified as repellant or non-repellant. Repellant type products are typically cheaper in cost and offer less residual. Non-repellant products are generally a bit safer and offer a better value to the consumer. Termiticides that work well in the moist soils of Florida or Georgia don’t seem to fare as well in our sandy desert soil. Homeowners in Scottsdale want a safe, effective product that will last for as long as possible so they are not talking to a termite exterminator every 2-3 years.

All Scottsdale termite treatments should include a warranty that provides for free yearly inspections, and service should termites re-appear. Homeowners are encouraged to keep the warranty active and be vigilant about the yearly termite inspection. Chances are termites will find a way to re-infest your home down the road.

If you suspect your homes has termites or just want the peace of mind that termites are not secretly infesting your home call Scottsdale Termite Experts today for a FREE TERMITE INSPECTION.

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