Scottsdale Termite Control – With at least 17 different types and a desert environment conducive to their survival Termites are a “fact of life” in Arizona. Most of us know at least one family member or co-worker that has a story about these critters. It’s been said countless times that rather than being a question of if you will get them…it’s more a question of when you will get termites. The demand for Scottsdale Termite Control services is expected to remain high and grow with new construction.

Not all termites in Scottsdale are the same. Not all types nest underground and/or build mud tunnels. Depending upon the species these insects can invade a home from outside, underground, via flight or be unknowingly brought into a home hidden deep within infested items.

“Scottsdale is home to several types of termites including one of the most destructive species found in North America.” 

Effective treatment methods must be specific to the target species. For example treating the soil around the foundation of a home will provide little, if any, protection against North America’s most destructive species Western Drywood Termites. Unfortunately it’s not unheard of for a consumer to spend hard earned money on ineffective services for the wrong type of termites. Before considering any Scottsdale Termite Control service it’s best to start with a thorough inspection conducted by an experienced exterminator. An experienced inspector should be able to locate all areas of infestation, properly identify the invading type(s) and prescribe a custom service based upon the information gathered.

termite control scottsdaleThe best defense against termites in Scottsdale is a yearly inspection. These inspections are typically free so the value cannot be beat. Consumers are advised to avoid “Preventative” type services as they are generally a waste of money and leave homeowners with a false sense of security. Yearly inspections will provide homeowners with enough notification to allow an appropriate response before damage becomes an issue.

Most of us have busy lives and have little free time to check our homes for these micro sized insects. Because of the secretive nature of these critters they can be difficult to detect even for experienced exterminators. Homeowners are best served getting a yearly inspection from a qualified Scottsdale Termite Control service.

Bills Termite Control is your hometown Scottsdale termite exterminator. We provide free yearly inspections, inspection reports for real estate transactions, free second opinions and treatment services for all types of termites found in Scottsdale. Bills is Arizona’s Termite Experts, our services are safe, affordable and include a renewable warranty so you have peace of mind that if the critters come back…we come back.

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