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Scottsdale Ant Control Exterminator Service

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Scottsdale Ant Control Exterminator Service – Got ants? We can help! Get expert Scottsdale Ant Control services today. Bills Pest Termite Control is your hometown Scottsdale Ant Exterminator.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable. If you’re having a problem with ants, we have the solution. #1 Ant Control Scottsdale Az – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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scottsdale ant exterminatorIs your home or business being invaded by ants? If so, hiring a professional ant exterminator can resolve the problem and keep it from coming back.  Effective Ant pest control in Scottsdale is not your average do-it-yourself project.  Resolving ant infestations often requires more than finding a strong pesticide and blasting away.  In fact, using a strong pesticide can make the problem worse while needlessly exposing people and pets to harsh chemicals.

Ant Pest Control Scottsdale Az

Most species of ants are social.  They nest in large colonies.  These large colonies are structured so groups have specific duties that are important to the overall health of the colony.  Ants that are discovered inside structures are often foragers.  They are looking for food, moisture and nesting opportunities.  Spraying these pests with strong pesticides can eliminate a lot of ants.  When these pests are eliminated it appears the problem has been resolved.  Unseen is the main colony springing into reproductive mode.  In a short time, the eliminated foragers are replaced with even more numbers and the problem seemingly reappears overnight.

Using the right combination of products, dusts, and baits can provide long term relief.

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scottsdale ant serviceScottsdale is home to just about every species of ants found in Arizona. Controlling this pest can be an ongoing battle. Depending upon the species a typical ant colony can range in size from a few thousand on up to a million ants. Professional ant control exterminators often start with a thorough inspection.  Properly identifying the target species is critical in order to select the most effective products.  Locating entry points, nesting areas and conditions conducive is essential to ensuring long-term relief.

This pest is a source of health risks by contaminating food. Disease and bacteria can be transmitted through bites/stings.  Food and/or food spills will attract ants inside.  Pet food left outside is another common attractant.  Garbage and disposal areas should be kept clean and closed off.

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phoenix termite controlIf you have a problem with ants, or merely suspect an impending infestation give us a call today.  We provide free inspections, evaluations and second opinions.  Our Scottsdale and pest service give’s consumers a few treatment options.  We do not require a contract and most services include a renewable warranty. You can find peace of mind knowing that if the pests come back, we come back.

Bills Pest Termite Control is family owned and locally operated.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable. #1 Ant Control Scottsdale Az – Bills Pest Termite Control.

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Scottsdale Ant Exterminator
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Susie G via Next Door

Dallas showed up on time, was properly attired and had a clean vehicle.  These things are still important and go a long way in helping to determine if he was capable of getting rid of my ants.  He started with a thorough inspection, reported his findings and let me know ahead of time what his plan of attack wag going to be.  I could tell instantly that he knew what he was talking about and had a lot of experience.  90 minutes later the service was complete and everything worked as he said it would.  Two weeks later Dallas arrive on time as promised and did a little touch up service after his inspection.  I am more than pleased with the results. Bill’s pest control is as advertised.

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