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phoenix restaurant exterminatorBest Restaurant Pest Control Phoenix Az – Get expert Restaurant Pest Control Phoenix services from Bills Pest Termite Control.  We have the experience and expertise to help keep your restaurant pest-free. Give us a call today for a free evaluation. Let us show you why we are Arizona’s go-to restaurant exterminator. #1 Phoenix Restaurant Exterminator.

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“One small roach can bring down years of hard work and a good reputation practically overnight!”

Need restaurant pest control Phoenix exterminator services? There may be no place where quality restaurant pest control Phoenix service is more important than local food service businesses. Health codes are strictly monitored.

Restaurant owners/operators work hard to attract customers and live or die by their reputation. With more tech savory customers using Yelp, Urban Spoon, Open Table, and Zagat the stakes are high. And a single pest can cost you customers and destroy a reputation overnight. Let us help keep your hard-earned reputation 5 Star!

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restaurant pest controlJust as not every restaurant is the same, restaurant pest control needs will vary. Bills Commercial Restaurant Pest Control Phoenix service has worked closely with our customers in the foodservice industry to develop practices that fit their businesses. We use these practices to custom tailor a program specific to your needs.

Our service personnel specialize in the proper identification of all Arizona pests and have the experience to eliminate infestations.  We provide unique service times and unmarked vehicles so as to not disturb customers and announce our presence to the world.

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As a customer of our Restaurant Pest Control Phoenix service, you and your staff will have peace of mind and be ready for the health inspector’s next visit. Our precise pest control program is tailored to your distinct needs, and includes;

  • Perimeter treatments around freestanding buildings to create a barrier to pest entry.
  • Interior treatments using safe products.
  • Glue board monitoring to catch pest problems early
  • Fly control which makes use of light traps, jar traps, odor-control techniques, and flying-insect monitoring devices.
  • Waste-area treatments to eliminate any odors or food debris outside your restaurant that could attract pests.
  • Pest inspections and recommendations as part of every regular service visit.

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We’ll work with you to maintain compliance with guidelines from federal agencies like the FDA, USDA, and others, as well as State, County, and City health codes. Should a problem come out you can rely upon us to be there with a solution.

A well-managed restaurant pest control Phoenix program starts with three basic steps:

restaurant exterminatorAn inspection prior to starting any pest control service conducting a thorough pest inspection is critical to achieving success. This step should identify target species, harborage areas, along with food and moisture sources.

Inspect possible harborages or hiding spots for live pests, feces, cast skins, and egg cases. Rodents, roaches, and flies usually leave behind some evidence of active infestations.

Inspect trash bins, sinks, floor drains, kitchen equipment, wall voids, electrical outlets, electrical boxes, any hollow tubing on appliance legs, and any other crack, crevice or void where rodent or insect may have taken up residence.

Place monitor glue boards near suspected infestations. This will help identify suspected problem areas, and let you what type of pest you have, where to treat, and what products to use.

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restaurant pest controlProper sanitation is a major element in successful pest control. Trash bins, sinks, floors, and kitchen equipment should be cleaned as often as possible, and especially before leaving overnight. Anyone of these areas could potentially lead to a pest infestation if left unchecked.

An exclusion means keeping the pests out before they become a problem. Make sure there are tight weather seals around doors and windows; caulk any openings leading to wall voids and never leave doors or unscreened windows open. Treating for pests outside will not only stop potential invaders but it will reduce to amount of pesticides used inside.

German roaches, flies, and rodents generate the most calls for service from restaurant owners in the Phoenix area.  When the three steps above are followed consistently over time, in conjunction with proper pesticide application, pest infestations can be reduced, controlled, and/or eliminated.

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phoenix restaurant exterminatorBills Pest Control provides Commercial and Restaurant Pest Control Phoenix services 24/7/365. Our service technicians work around your schedule. We do not require a contract or hefty upfront fees as a condition of service.  We are confident that our experts will have you calling us again. Call for a Free Pest Control inspection today. For more information about restaurant pest control Phoenix or commercial pest control services give us a call.

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Our supplier left us with a nasty surprise of roaches and we called Bill’s Pest Control in to solve the problem.  Loretta & Karen went into the early morning hours servicing every square inch of our restaurant.  Problem solved.

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